Batman: The Killing Joke, Alan Moore

batman the killing jokespolier alertTitle: Batman: The Killing Joke

Author: Alan Moore.  Illustrator: Brian Boland.

Pages:  50

Genre: Graphic Novel, suspense

Part of a series?  Stand alone graphic novel, but part of the Batman Universe.

Published: December 1st, 1995.

What if all it took was one bad day to drive a man mad?  What if it was just that easy?  The Joker is out to prove that it is.  He has his stage set, new minions at the ready, and the perfect subject.

After watching his daughter shot in their home, Commissioner Gordon is taken.  It is up to Batman to get Barbara help and find his friend.  An old amusement park is bought and ready for a special night.  Gordon is subjected to terrible atrocities in the hopes of driving him insane, thus proving Joker’s point.  When Batman finds him, naked and caged, you see a broken man… but not mad.  Proud and Angry.  He sends Batman after Joker.

All this is happening while we also get flashbacks to a jobless comedian who is expecting his first child.  The pressure is so great to get the money to care for his wife and family that he makes one false move.  Just one job with these guys and he would be set.  No more worries!  But it all goes so very wrong…. and a villain is born.  It was just one bad day…

I bought the graphic novel, which is awesome in and of itself and offers a mini story at the end as well as sketches.  I do enjoy the extras!  The story line was captivating.  I loved it!  I was grateful for a bit of backstory on my favorite villain, and it was done really well!  There is an animated movie, though, which follows the book to the letter and is just perfectly done.  In this case, if I had to pic only one to buy… I would get the movie.  I am spoiled though, so I did not have to choose!  Five Stars  for both movie and book!

On the adult content scale… an eight.  Nudity, language, violence and simple insanity. adult content rubber stamp

The book and the movie are both out and I recommend both!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle

Link to Movie:




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