Justice League of America: Volume one, World’s most dangerous. Geoff Johns

jl world's most danerousspolier alertTitle: Justice League of America Volume One: World’s Most Dangerous

Author: Geoff Johns, Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire.  Illustrator: David Finch

Pages: 40

Genre: action, graphic novel

Part of a Series: Yes, the Justice League of America (New 52).  Book One.

Published: February 20th, 2016

What happens if the Justice League goes rogue?  Amanda Waller has an idea for a team (yes, another one).  We have one member to combat each of the world’s mightiest heroes incase the worst happens.  Two kids- one with less than no training and one cutie to be the figurehead for the public.  A crazy bounty Hunter, the last Martian,  a doctor, an assassin, and a jewel thief.  Oh, and a marksman that crashes the party.  This crew don’t play well together, don’t know one another, and don’t trust each other.  What could go wrong?

So, I thought it was interesting that they chose Martian Manhunter, but understandable.  He is a badass, and knows the Justice League well.  Catwoman, with her knowledge of Batman also makes sense.  Hawkman, while another badass… not as much.  I don’t understand who he or Katana were supposed to be “chosen for”.  Vibe, a young kid that needs a lot more training, makes sense as he can combat the Flash.  I felt bad for Star Girl, the only one that seemed to really want to be part of a team, being relegated to figurehead.  Moving on….

They are sent to check on the Justice League, and instead find robots.  There is a secret society of bad guys and they are working to do crazy things.  JLA’s mission?  Find them and take them down.  No easy talk for a new group that doesn’t know how to work together.  After some near misses the group succeed in stopping the society for now, but not bringing them in.  As Martian Manhunter makes a case to keep the crew, what will be decided.

I must say, this was not what I was expecting and I had a lot of trouble getting into it.  Yes, I love some of these characters…. the story line was just off and a bit jumpy.  Also, can we talk about what a nutter Waller is?  She keeps grabbing the bad, the crazed and the undertrained and expecting them to automatically know how to fight and work as a team. I hate her, but I kinda feel like we are supposed to.  Any way, there were some great parts, and the artwork is phenomenal… the story just wasn’t for me.  Three Stars

Obviously, the adult content scale is a bit high.  Violence, language, violence, violence, violence.  I give it a five.  Parental Guidance

The book is out- let me know what you guys think.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


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