August Wrap-up!

Tomorrow begins September, my birthday month!  I am super excited about several books coming out, but right now it’s time to list everything I read this month.  I am happy to say that I got all the books on my TBR list for the month done.  It was a really good month for books.  As you can see, the title of the book is a link to my review.  Let’s begin!

  1. Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld.  I liked this one, I think I would have enjoyed it even more had I read any Jane Austen… I know, I’m bad.  Three Stars

2.Bullseye, James Patterson.  I loved this one, and had so much fun with Michael Bennett.  This is a great series!  Five Stars

3.Chase, James Patterson.  I love the bookshots that follow a series, it’s like you get a bonus, because normally it’s one novel a year per series.  This was a great addition!  Five Stars

4.  Let’s Play Make Believe, James Patterson.  Oddly sweet at times, but also creepy and disturbing.  I liked it, but it was not his best.  Three Stars

5. The Couple Next Door, Shari Lapena.  A fast paced thriller/ suspense novel that I really loved.  Four Stars

6.Learning To Swear in America, Katie Kennedy.  I first learned of this treasure from By Hook or By Book and after reading her review I had to have it.  I am so glad I picked it up.  It was funny, goofy, intelligent, and full of surprises.  Truly, I loved it.  Five Stars

7.Joker, Brian Azzarello.  Art work is great, story line is not so much.  I have to say I did not care for it.  Two Stars

8.The Things We Wish Were True, Mary Beth Mayhew.  Disaster rocks a quiet street.  Neighbors learn to rely on each other as secrets come out.  Slow to start- stick with it.  Three Stars

9.The Reader, Traci Chee.  A fantastically bookish fantasy novel.  Can’t wait for more!  Five Stars

10.  The Dream Team, Eva Jordan.  A group of coworkers with big dreams get together to support one another.  It was sweet, hilarious and uplifting.  I loved it.  Five Stars

11.  Little Gril Lost, J. S. Marciano.  As a child she was abducted from her family while on vacation.  Three weeks later she is found and a family picks her up… but what if it wasn’t really her family?  Four Stars

12.  Letters From Paris, Juliet Blackwell.  As a final request from her MawMaw, Claire goes to Paris to find the Lombardi family business to learn about a mask that her grandfather brought home from the war.  There she finds secrets, friends and love.  Five Stars

13.  Batman: Year One, Frank Miller.  A reinterpretation of the origins of Batman.  I loved it!  Five Stars

14.  JLA: World’s Most Dangerous, Geoff Jones.  The premise is sound and the art is great, but the story line needed work.  Three Stars

15.  Batman: The Killing Joke, Allan Moore.  Here is the Joker story I have been searching for.  Back story and mayhem!  It was fantastic (also, there’s an animated movie)!  Five Stars

16.  Passenger, Alexandra Bracken.  A time traveling family.  A girl forced into another time has to keep herself safe, and complete her mother’s mission while still being able to get back to her own time.  This was so amazing!  Five Stars

17.  The Problem With Forever, Jennifer Armentrout.  Mallory has come a long way since she was in an abusive foster home.  Now, she has loving parents that have home schooled her and made sure she was safe and taken care of.  As she wants to go to college the next step is to get over her fears and go to public school.  She has issues talking to people, afraid of everything…. when she gets there, though, she finds Rider- the only bright spot of her past.  Can she help him heal the same way he saved her when they were young?  Four Stars

18.  Bookish, Olivia Long.  Blogger and hottie book cover model!  What’s not to love?  Three Stars

So, That was August!  What did you read?




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