Bookish, Olivia Hawthorn, Olivia Long

bookishspolier alertTitle: Bookish

Author: Olivia Hawthorn, Olivia Long

Pages: 206

Genre: Romance, comedy

Part of a series?  No

Published:  August 14th 2016

                Aubrey Britton is a book blogger and unrepentant bibliophile.  She blogs and works in a book store, drooling over the hot guys in the romance novels.  When her parents died, she went to live with her aunt and many cats.  It’s eccentric… but it’s life, and a rather dull one at that. 

                All that changes at one convention where Isaac James, the abs that launched a thousand books, was doing a signing.  Waiting in line, she is accidently pushed into him.  She is embarrassed, he is sweet and caring.  Thus we have out meet-cute.  Aubrey can’t believe it, she sees him everywhere and he seems genuinely interested in her.  This type of thing just doesn’t happen in real life!  She can’t deny, though, that there is a heck of a lot of chemistry. 

                As the two get closer, walls come down and they make a real connection.  Nothing is without issues, though.  The paparazzi is something she never had to think about before.  Plus, not everyone is pleased with their relationship.  Worried, controlling family members, jealous friends and catty bloggers are making it difficult to just focus on Isaac.  When a secret comes out in a bad way, the relationship implodes.  Can the two work through this?  Does the blogger get the guy?

                I have never been a huge fan of the insta-love thing; which very much seems to be what happened between Aubrey and Isaac.  It was sweet though, and really charming so we’ll give it a pass.  The characters are great, though I had a lot of trouble with Aubrey’s best friend- jealous hussy- and Isaac’s sister who seems to like Aubrey but turns on her immediately and completely.  I loved watching that relationship, and the sex scenes were quite steamy.  Three Stars

                On the adult content scale, obviously we have sexual content- lots of it.  There’s also language and some violence. I give it an eight.   This is not meant for content rubber stamp

                The book is out now- go get it!

Link to Book:

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