Passenger, Alexandra Bracken

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Title: Passenger

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Pages: 486

Genre: YA fantasy

Part of a Series: Yes.  This is book one on the Passenger series.

Published: January 5th, 2016


                Etta Spencer gave up everything to be a violinist.  Home schooled with no friends to speak of, all she has is her gift, her mother and her instructor Alice.  One night changes everything.  Pulled from her time, she learns deep secrets.  Her mother can travel through time, her family can.  Never having been trained or even told of all this, Etta is at a loss.  In a time she doesn’t know how to survive, without her music or allies… how does she get through this and back to her mother? 

            Waking on a ship at sea she is in a room with Sophia Ironwood.  Angry and proud, Sophia had been sent to her time to bring Etta to Grandfather.  The captain of the ship, Nicolas Hall, seems a good man, one that she can trust… but Sophia has already warned her against him.  Who can she trust? 

                Everyone wants something from her it seems.  Nicholas gives Etta and Sophia over to Ironwood and he is finally free.  Sophia gives Etta to grandfather, and he will finally see her potential.  Grandfather just wants Etta to retrieve something her mother hid a long time ago.  The deal- find the astrolabe with clues her mother left her, and give it to Ironwood, and she gets to go home and her mother is safe.  Don’t, and he swears her mother will die.  There must be a reason Rose left this life, though.  Can she trust this man?  Nicholas is offered a deal to go with her, though he would anyway.  Jumping from portal to portal, clue to clue, it is a race to get the astrolabe in time to save her mom.  She knows, though, that Rose never wanted it in his hands.  She wants it destroyed. 

                As the two go forward, facing dangers they begin to care deeply for one another.  Even if she can get back to her mom, can she leave Nicholas?  We end with the two split up, and an unlikely alliance forming to find and protect Etta.

                I must say, I loved this story.  It was well written with complex, entertaining characters.  I adored Alice, Etta and Nicholas.  While I didn’t like Sophia, I respected her desires.  The premise of a family that can do this, travel through time with portals, is really neat and I felt it was well done.  I can’t wait for January when the next installment comes in!  This is a well written, thoughtful and darn fun read, I highly recommend it!  Five Stars

                On the adult content scale, some violence and one very small sex scene that was not at all explicit.  I would be comfortable with anyone reading this at any age.  General.svg

                The book is out now- go get it!

Link to Book:

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