The Problem With Forever, Jennifer Armentrout

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Title: The Problem With Forever

Author: Jennifer Armentrout

Pages: 474

Genre: YA romance

Part of a series?  No

Published:  May 17th, 2016

                Mallory Dodge spent her younger years in a foster home that was more of a nightmare.  The mother drunk, the father abusive.  The only bright spot was her friend Rider.  Not much older than Mallory, he protected her, cared for her, read to her, and taught her how to be quiet and stay out of trouble.  One horrible night ends with Mallory in the burn unit in a hospital.  The doctor there sees something in her, and he and his wife adopt her.  She never returns to the foster family. 

                Spring forward many years.  With therapy and homeschooling Mallory is learning to get by.  She is still terrified of everything, but she wants to go to college and live a normal life.  Her senior year she goes to public school to get ready.  There she sees Rider again, and the two connect.  He still cares for her, and is far too protective of his “mouse”; which doesn’t endear her to his girlfriend.  As the two reconnect and she discovers what he has been through, Mallory has to decide how brave she can be.  Is she ready for a relationship?  Is she strong enough to help Rider heal?  Can she even be around Rider without falling back into where she was in her head? 

                I liked this book.  There were some issues with pacing in the book- it didn’t always flow and smoothly as I would have liked.  The characters, though, were amazing and I enjoyed watching Mallory grow.  I loved the cast of characters, though I kind of feel like Paige was a bit cliché.  I laughed, I cried- I sobbed.  Some of the things in this book will be very hard to handle, I won’t lie.  But it is sweet and beautiful.  I am really glad I picked it up and recommend it to anyone.  Four Stars

                On the adult content scale, we have violence, drugs, language, and some very serious topics.  I don’t recommend this for anyone under sixteen.  Parental Guidance

                The book is out now- go get it!

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