September TBR!

Happy birthday to me!  On the 19th I am going to be… too freaking old but I love it.  I have a lot of exciting books preordered for the month and I just know I am going to love my reading life.  So here we go!

  1. huntedHunted, by James Patterson.  Someone is juring men to the streets to play a dangerous game.  One cop goes undercover to take them down.  This is a bookshot!
  2. 113 minutes  113 Minutes, by James Patterson.  If you knew your son was killed, and who killed him, how far would you go to get justice?  This is a bookshot!
  3. the confectioner's tale  The Confectioner’s Tale, Laura Madeleine.  A chance encounter between two people of social classes that should never have met.  A chance at training for a better life, and sweet love.  A gift from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
  4. suicide squad  Suicide Squad, Mary Wolfman.  Seriously, who doesn’t know what this is?  I saw the movie and loved it, and then I found the movie novelization.  My hope is that is will bring more plot and character development, plus maybe more time with my favorite baddies.  When I review it will be both movie and novel.
  5. Girl Number OneGirl Number One, Jane Holland.  A child witnesses her mother killed, and the killer is never found.  As an adult Eleanor discovers a woman’s body in the same spot, strangled.  When the police get there, though, the body is gone.  Sounds like a great mystery/ thriller.  A gift from Netgally in exchange for an honest review.
  6. A change of heart  A Change of Heart, Sonali Dev.  Dr. Nic Joshi has a perfect life- a great wife and a job he loves.  While working with Doctors Without Boarders, Jen discovers a black market organ transplant ring.  Before she can expose them, she is killed.  Two years later, a woman comes to him with a startling claim… This is a gift from Netgally in exchange for an honest review.
  7. a taste for monsters  A taste for Monsters, Mathew J. Kirby.  A young lady in the time of Jack the Ripper.
  8. our chemical heart   Our Chemical Heart, Krystal Sutherland.  Henry Page is a romantic that has never been in love.  He sees himself as the slow burning, quiet forever love type. Until it’s time for all that he is content to focus on grades.  Then, senior year, Grace Town walks in and blows everything away.  *Thank you First to Read for the opportunity*.
  9. Home  Home, Harlan Coben.  *Thank you First to Read for this opportunity*.  Confession: When I chose this book I did not know it was part of a series.  Two boys are kidnapped.  Ten years later, Myron and Win think they have found one of them.  How much can the boy tell them about the kidnapping, past ten years, and where his friend is?
  10. who we were before  Who We Were Before, Leah Mercer.  This is my Kindle First choice of the month.  One couple after an accident.  Zoe knows it wasn’t her fault… but was there anything she could have done?  Edward knows she isn’t to blame… but words were said at the time that cannot be taken back.  Two years after the accident, they decide on a trip to try to reconnect and salvage their marriage.

I hope to read a few more, but this is it for now.  I am pretty excited!  So, what’s everyone else reading?



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