Netgalley is better than Christmas!

I am going to keep this rather quick.  When I joined the book blogging world I learned of netgalley where you can request books to review.  This has been amazing!  I found so many gems here, plus they are well organized and easy to sift through.  At the moment I am embarrassed to say I have six books on hand from them, one though that the publisher doesn’t want reviewed until February.  I am awaiting notice on whether or not I will receive Owen Loukkanen’s next book.  The Forgotten Girls sounds amazing!  (This is book six in the Stevens/Windmere series, read the others-they are amazing).  I’m just saying, Netgalley, this would be an awesome birthday present!

But I digress.  This site is an amazing spot for readers of any genre.  I answered a few questions and they found books to cater to my likes.  Since beginning my blog, I have gotten a number of fantastic, and diverse, books from them.

If you haven’t looked into them, you really should.

Happy reading!

Amber  pro_reader_120


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