Suicide Squad, Marv Wolfman

suicide squadspolier alertTitle: Suicide Squad, the movie novelization

Author: Marv Wolfman

Pages: 375

Genre: action

Part of a series?  No

Published: August 9th, 2016

Amanda Waller has an idea- how do you fight the meta-humans (Superman, The Flash….) if they go rogue?  You pick out the best of the worst.  Villians and criminals to combat them.  If it goes south?  Deniability.

Colonel Rick Flagg is not amused.  He wants no part of this, but he is stuck.  He loves Dr. Moon who is at the moment possessed by an ancient witch that Waller has control of.  When the plan with Enchantress (the witch) goes pear shaped, who are you gonna call?  Apparently Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang, Killer Croc and Diablo.  Add Flagg and his friend Katana and you have a very good group of really bad people.  Can they work together to save the world?  Will they even want to?

I went to see the movie first and I loved it- for what it was.  To me a “comic book movie” has action, explosions, and great one-liners.  It is intense and intriguing and never boring.  Check, check and check.  What I was missing?  It was light on the plot, and (even though they spent like fifteen minutes introducing everyone)  I felt like they didn’t give me as much time with Diablo or Boomerang as I would like.  Don’t get me wrong- I loved the movie and will be buying it.  I just wasn’t done with the story, you know?  It left me wanting, so the movie earns Three Stars .

Shortly after seeing the movie, I noticed the book at work.  It was cheap enough, so I figured I would give it a whirl.  I started tabbing all the info that either wasn’t in the book, or was embellished upon.  There were a lot of tabs!  While the plot was still not the best ever, the book delved a lot deeper and left me satisfied with the story line.  I also got a ton more time with my favorite baddie- The Joker.  I loved getting into his head for certain things; and was grateful for the play between him and Harley.  I also got more information on Moon (the movie marginalized what she did to find Enchantress, which to me was part of the plot missing).  Diablo gets a bit more time, and I loved that.  Oddly, Boomerang is the only one that they didn’t try to hard to go deeper with.  To recap- the book and movie follow the exact same plot, but the book gives far more there.  Better Character development, and deleted scenes as it were.  I loved it, but it was imperfect.  Certainly not the best Super Hero/ Villain story ever.   Four Stars

On the adult content scale…. violence, murder, mayhem, language and sexually charged scenes.  Not for kiddies.  adult content rubber stamp

While we have a wait for the DVD, the book is out now- you should check it out.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle



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