What’s New Wednesday? Week 20!

google-76659_960_720.pngHey guys!  Today is Google’s birthday (also apparently acorn squash and salami day).  How did we ever live without this?

Anyway, let’s get started!

What’s new with me?

Ugh… I have been boring this week.  I went back to work yesterday, which was surprisingly nice.  I always miss my second family when I was away and was definitely feeling the love.  Oh, and I found my favorite super-hero socks again!  I am terrible at loosing socks and no doubt have like fifty pairs somewhere just hiding.  Still, my Flash socks are back ( I like to pretend they make me faster, and if I take off my shoe I can flash my coworkers… I am sure they appreciate that).


What’s new in news?

There is an organization in Maine called MaineWorks that gives ex-cons help after getting out of jail.  They help them find jobs in fields that pay decent and spots in sober living homes and the like.  I really love this idea mainly because it is hard to find anything when you have a record.  If you have someone ready to help you through the stages, I think it would be easier to stay on a better path.  From what I understand in this article they mostly work with convicts that have a record pertaining to substance abuse or trafficking.

What’s new in books?

a-great-reckoningI saw an ad for this in the New York Times Book review, and I must say that the blurb just enthralled me.  Here’s what it said: ‘ Every mystery is not a crime.  But every crime starts with a mystery. sometimes there is justice.  Other times, a great reckoning.’ How amazing does that sound?!?  Unfortunately for me, this is book 12 in a series, so even though it is out now my heart says I need to read the rest first.  That is quite an investment though…. I have never even heard of this author.  Has anyone read these?  What are you’re thoughts?

Well, that’s it for me for now, what’s new with you?






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