113 Minutes, James Patterson and Max Dilallo

113 minutesspolier alertTitle:113 Minutes

Author: James Patterson and Max Dilallo

Pages: 160

Genre: Mystery/ suspense

Part of a series?  No, this is a stand-alone bookshot.

Published: 9-6-16

I know who killed my son’. Molly Rourke is a woman with a mission.  Her fifteen year old son, Alex, lies dead at his school and she knows who killed him- who’s really to blame.  Between grieving for her son, and nearly loosing her family farm to the bank, there’s only so much she can take.  She has one chance- a hell of a plan.  If this works…. vengeance and security.  Maybe a life she can move forward with.  It’s audacious… it’s crazy…. and it’s illegal.  But if they succeed, she and her family could have everything.

Alright.  Hands down, I love this book.  It was enticing and fast paced, filled with action, drama and pain.  For such a little book, it packs a wallop.  I can see myself rereading this, loving Molly and the gang and catching little pieces I missed before.  There were some issues, of course.  The layout was a bit jumpy for me- I think that this was intentional… I just didn’t care for it.  One thing I will say though, I feel like this could have been a full novel.  Maybe with flashbacks to Alex, more time between the families, more info… We could have fleshed this out!  I guess I just want more, which to me means that this book did it’s job.  If a book is fantastic, I always want more.  I am rarely satisfied with the amount of time spent with this or that character.  They live on in my thoughts far past the last page.  That is the difference between being dissatisfied with a great book and reading an unsatisfying book to me.  Five Stars

As far as the adult content goes, I would say a seven.  Drugs, violence, language and all sorts of illegal activity abound.  mature audience.

The book is out now- and cheaper than a meal at taco bell.  Why don’t you have this yet?  Lol.

Link to book:

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