Environmentally Friendly, Elias Zanbaka

environmentally-friendlyspolier alertTitle: Environmentally Friendly

Author: Elias Zanbaka

Pages: 19

Genre: thriller

Part of a series?  This is a stand alone short story currently, but one does wonder…

Published:  March 5th, 2016

Premise:   One of LA’s criminals have escaped and is waging war on their biggest foe- Mother Nature.  It is the job of the LAPD to bring him in.  How do you deal with the insane?  One cop, and a team of psychiatrists have an idea.

A soldier looses his team- not to the enemies they were dispatched to fight, but to a natural disaster.  Now back in the States, he has escaped his hospital and is coming for revenge.  Schaefer of the LAPD is determined to see him go back without breaking him.  With a team of scientists, against the opinions of many in the force, he corners  Major Bushell in a warehouse and gives him the fight he has been waiting for.

I have to hand it to Zanbaka, this is a very short story but it packs a huge punch.  The premise is insane, imaginative and attention grabbing.  I think I will award a bonus star for that.  The characters are well developed and the pace is lightning fast.

I will say that I want more, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I can see Schaefer having more stories- maybe a series?  I liked how his mind worked, his compassion for Bushell.  He could quickly become a fan favorite in a series of short stories or well fleshed novels.  I know I would buy it!  Five stars and a bonus!  Five Stars star

As far as the adult content scale, I give it a five.  There is a lot of language and violence.  Parental Guidance

I was given an e-arc of this book by the author for an honest review.  I recommend it!

Link to Book:

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