Marrying Winterborne, Lisa Kleypas

marrying-winterbournspolier alertTitle: Marrying Winterborne

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Pages: 416

Genre: historical romance

Part of a series?  Yes, book two of The Ravenels

Published:  May 31st, 2016

Helen Ravenel is rather shy and sheltered.  She has never been good at expressing what she wants, or standing up for herself.  When she finds that her sister in law has ended her engagement for her, she is beside herself.  She had a headache for one day and lost her fiancé!!!  There’s only one thing to do… go to the man and set things straight.

Rhys Winterborne is a shop owner- one of the largest.  He is rich and important, but not of the nobility.  Is it any wonder that Helen broke their engagement?  He is far too coarse for her.  While he is upset that he behaved badly when Katherine came to talk to him, it was probably for the best.  So when Helen shows up, wanting the engagement to be reinstated, he wants assurances.  There’s only one way he knows of that will ensure that her guardian and she will keep their words.  Helen must be ruined.

As the two move through the story together, you see such sweetness and warmth in their relationship.  I loved that.  I loved that the two brought out the best in one another and I can honestly say that the relationship made perfect sense- which is not always the case.  But when Helen learns some secrets that could change the way Rhys feels, she is unsure of herself.  Everyone tells her not to tell him- that he will never forgive this.  Maybe they’re right…. but keeping the engagement and the secrets seems wrong.  When another’s happiness hangs in the balance, will she be able to choose?  Should she have to?

As I said, I loved this book.  The characters were vibrant and amazing. I loved sweet Helen, and Rhys who tried to hard to be worthy of her.  It was a sweet, charming story.  I am just sad that I hadn’t read the first one- I will be fixing that oversight!  Four Stars

On the adult content scale I give it an eight.  The sexual content is a bit much, I will say.  adult content rubber stamp

The book is out- go get it!

Link to book:

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