A Scot in the Dark, Sarah MacLean

a-scott-in-the-darkspolier alertTitle: A Scot in the Dark

Author: Sarah Maclean

Pages:  352

Genre: historical romance

Part of a series?  Yes, book two of the Scandal & Scoundrel series.

Published:  August 30th 2016

Lilly Hargrove has made a terrible mistake.  Since her father died she has been so very lonely, with no friends and overlooked by one guardian after another.  When a handsome artist takes a shine to her, she goes with him willingly.  She believes that he loves her- and she him- they’ll marry and she will finally have a family of her own.  When her artist talks about the painting going in a traveling display she is mortified.  Of coarse he would pick the one that he promised would never be seen by another soul- her nude.  Shocked, she goes to confront him in front of the ton, and gets rebuked.  Broken hearted and reviled by the ton, she hides in her home until her birthday when she can finally get her inheritance and be free.

Alec, the Duke of Warnick, never wanted his title.  With so many others ahead of him in line, what were the chances?  He hates all things English and wants nothing more to ignore the dukedom and stay home in Scotland.  Unfortunately there is one piece of the dukedom his solicitor forgot to tell him about.  A ward.  After five years, he finally learns about her after she has been ruined.  He has to go down and fix everything- make sure the girl is all right.

Sparks fly when the two meet.  Fighting tooth and nail both against one another and their mutual attraction.  Alec wants her safely married where she will be taken care of by a man of her station (aka not him); Lilly no longer wants to marry at all.  She wants to run.  Start fresh.  The more time the two spend together, though, the more they realize that they belong together.  Not before mad break-ins searching for paintings and a list of potential suitors though…. the road to l0ve is not always easy…

I will usually pick a bunch of these up and then wait until I am in the mood and work my way through my stash (I will go on a historical romance binge lasting several books and then go back to my planned reading).  I really loved this one.  I get MacLean’s books all the time, much like I do Lisa Unger for thrillers because I know they will be just what I want.  The story was sweet, funny, and at times heartbreaking.  I loved it!  The story was fast paced, and the characters were well developed- I loved watching Lilly interact with new friends and with Alec.  If you like historical romances, definitely look this one up!  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there is a ton of sexual content.  I am going to give it a seven.  mature audience.

The book is out- go get it!

Link to book:

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