My Birthday!

IMG_20160428_120147           So I have been busy this past week and didn’t even do my Wednesday post.  Work started our Children’s Miracle Network drive, and ours did not start well.  We were, in fact, last in our district… I hated that.  Most of my efforts at work (besides, you know, doing my actual job lol) has consisted of rallying the crew, making my coworkers excited and teaming up with the managers to come up with new ideas- like our “ugly vest”.  It’s been a lot of fun, but tiring.  On the plus side we are now fourth in our district… so it is paying off.

But I digress!  At home I have been getting ready for the other’s birthdays (husband, dad, mom, and aunt) and mine nearly flew by me!  In my family we get together to celebrate everyone’s birthdays in the month at once.  Well, this year as people are busy they decided to do several months at once.  We will be doing that on Saturday, but getting that many ready on a budget… Luckily we got some great deals at the city market.  I love those guys!

Today I turned 33.  I had the day off so I got to read, take a nap, and spend some time with my husband.  It was wonderfully lazy!  We had  lasagna for dinner and I got a nice glass of wine.  For dessert we made brownies.  I had a blast.  My husband gave me book money, and tomorrow two books will come out- like a birthday present!  I cleared my reading log so I could be ready.  James Patterson is coming out with Stalking Jack the Ripper, and A Taste for Monsters are both coming out!  I am so excited!

So I just wanted to check in- I’m here, I’m old, I am exceedingly happy!




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