Who We Were Before, Leah Mercer

who we were beforespolier alertTitle: Who We Were Before

Author: Leah Mercer

Pages: 256

Genre: literary fiction

Part of a series?  No.

Published: October 1st, 2016

This was my Kindle First read for the month, and I really liked it.

Zoe and Edward had it all-a great marriage and a miracle child that neither ever thought they would get. One day, it all goes wrong.  Milo, their toddler son, is gone and neither one knows how to work through the grief.  Edward, for his part, is eager to move on and trying to get Zoe to follow his lead.  Zoe can’t move forward.  Not only because she feels responsible for Milo’s death, but because she can’t seem to heal.  She can’t talk.

Her parents decide they need a weekend away.  A last ditch effort to find each other again and save their marriage.  As soon as they reach Paris though, they get separated.  Zoe, for her part, gets her pocket picked.  She has no money, no cell phone, and no idea which hotel they are staying at.  As the two move through Paris missing one another at every turn, you see their current feelings and get flashbacks to the past.  In many ways it is the story of a marriage- when it was great and where it went wrong.   Can a couple get through all of this and come out whole?  Especially when both sides have made mistakes?

I have a love hate relationship with this book.  On a literary level, it was well written with a fantastic plot that drew me in, and the characters are really well developed.  Also, while I feel I have heard the premise before, the story seemed fresh and unique to me.  What I had issue with, though, were some of the decisions made by the characters.  I feel like the wife could have tried harder, earlier, to be found.  I also feel like the husband could have tried harder to find her… but I do understand the why’s here.  I just didn’t like this part of the characters.  Oh, it was in line with their character…. these were just things that I didn’t care for.  It made it harder to love these two, though I do.  All in all, this is a five star book for me, plus the bonus star for creativity.  Five Stars  star


On the adult content scale, there are some heavy hitting issues.  There’s also alcohol, language and some sexual content though it is pretty mild.  I would give it a four.


The book is out 10-01-2016, go get it!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


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