What’s New Wednesday? Week 22!

reading-to-kidsHey guys!  Today is Read a child a book you like day.  Boy, that’s a mouthful but definitely a worthy endeavor!  Let’s jump right in!

What’s new with me?

So, I may be late on the bandwagon, but I signed up for Litsy.  It’s a free app for android and apple that is being called the Instagram of books.  Having never really understood/ used Instagram, that was not helpful.  I do like the layout though, and feel much more comfortable placing book quotes and quick pics there.  Other than that, I got my Coffee essential oil in.  It smells amazing!  I can’t wait to make a sugar scrub with this and may add it to my lotion for my under eyes.  Oh, and A Taste for Monsters came out- I am about 3/4 done with it already!  Love this book!  I will do a review, but I am also considering a post that talks of the differences between this book and Stalking Jack the Ripper, which came out last week.  What are your thoughts?

What’s new in news?

I swore I would stay out of politics here, but is anyone not talking about the debate?  There are memes, clips, and jokes everywhere.  You can also find the whole thing to watch or Facebook had a link to it in writing.  Craziness!  It did not change my mind as to who to vote for (not saying:) but it was rather eye opening.

What’s new in books?

The first week of October is gonna be big for me.  I will pick my Kindle First read and then on the fourth three books come out!  French Kiss, by James Patterson (bookshot!),  $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal, by James Patterson, and Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase book #2), by Rick Riordan.  I have preordered them all and am super excited!

So that’s it for me this week, what’s new with you?


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