October TBR

I am really excited about the books this month!  I have been waiting for the next Magnus Chase book, well, since I read the last line of the first book!  Let’s get started with the books I have slated for October!

  1. Someone to Love, Mary Balogh.  Anna Snow grew up in an orphanage.  When she inherits a fortune, not everyone in society is pleased.  One man is willing to help her learn the ropes, and hold her own.  *Thank you to First to Read*
  2. When All the Girls Have Gone, Jayne Ann Krentz.  Charlotte Sawyer can’t find her sister.  Teaming up with a struggling PI, they try to unravel what may have happened. *Thank you First to Read.*
  3. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Wild Card, Jim Butcher and Mark Powers.  I love this series, and had no idea there were graphic novels!  *Thank you Netgalley!*
  4. To Love and Cherish, Lauren Layne.  I loved the Wedding Belles series, and can’t wait to read this installment.  *Thank you Netgalley!*
  5. The Killing Game, JS Carol.  Imagine eating at your favorite restaurant when a gunman walks in.  You have to bargain for your life!  Also, he has a bomb set up to his heart rate- he dies, you die.  *Thank you Netgalley!*
  6. $10,000,000 Marriage proposal.  James Patterson.  “Will you marry me for $10,000,000?” A mysterious billboard has three women intrigued.
  7. The French Kiss, James Patterson.  “It’s hard enough to move to a new city, but now everyone French detective Luc Moncrief cares about is being killed off. Welcome to New York. ” I grabbed the blurb from Goodreads- it’s perfect.
  8. The Hammer of Thor, Rick Riordan.  Magus Chase is back!  Thor has once again lost his hammer, but this time it has fallen into enemy hands.  I am so excited about this!

There will no doubt be others, but this is what I know I want to read.




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