September Wrap-up!

It’s already time (don’t we always feel this way?)!  I have really enjoyed my reading this month.  Several of the books surprised me, actually.  Let’s get started.

  1. Curious Minds, Janet Evanovich and Phoeff Sutton.  Analyst Riley Moon takes on a job that she is ridiculously underqualified for- keeping rich client Emmerson Knight safe and happy.  It was a lot of laughs and the story was great.    Five Stars
  2. The Confectioner’s Tale, Laura Madeleine.  A historical romance mixed with a bit of modern mystery.  Told in several voices, this book was well written and really interesting.  Five Stars
  3.  Suicide Squad, Marv Wolfman.  I loved the movie, but felt like there was a lot that could have been done for plot and character development- plus I just wanted more time with certain characters.  This book delivered that for me.  Four Stars
  4.  A Change of Heart, Sonali Dev.  A doctor looses his wife tragically and can’t seem to move on.  Two years later, a woman approaches him claiming to have her heart.  Five Stars
  5. 113 Minutes, James Patterson and Max Dilallo.  One of this month’s Bookshots.  What if you knew who killed your son?  How far would you go for vengeance?  Five Stars
  6.  Our Chemical Hearts, Krystal Sutherland.  A young man’s first taste of love, and a young woman’s struggle to move forward after tragedy.  Sometimes love doesn’t work out- but it’s still worth it.  I loved this book- I laughed and cried.  The characters were brilliant.  Five Stars
  7. Hunted, James Patterson and Andrew Holms.  The other Bookshot for this month that I read.  Someone is luring homeless men into a deadly game.  Five Stars
  8. Environmentally Friendly, Elias Zanbaka.  This is the shortest story I have read by far, but it packs a huge punch.  Interesting plot, great action and a really great lead character.  Five Stars
  9. Girl Number One, Jane Holland.  Eleanor Blackwood was the only witness to her mother’s murder.  When she discovers a body in the exact same spot that her mother died, it is a fight to prove herself to the police and stop a madman.  Five Stars
  10. Marrying Winterborne, Lisa Kleypas.  A sheltered beauty has to learn to fight for the man she wants.  There are secrets, though, that could still tear them apart.  Four Stars
  11. A Scot in the Dark, Sarah MacLean.  Lillian Hargrove has been lonely for so long- with no friends and overlooked by a string of guardians.  When an artist comes into her world, she accepts him at face value to her detriment.  Scandal!  Alec, the new duke of Warnick had no idea he had a ward.  Now he has to go clean up her scandal- when the two meet?  Magic.  Five Stars
  12. Home, Harlan Coben.  After ten years, one boy is found out of the two lost.  Where has he been?  What has he been through?  Where is the other boy?!?! Three Stars
  13.  Stalking Jack the Ripper, Kerri Maniscalco.  Audrey Rose is not your typical girl.  In a time where women were meant to marry well, she wants to study.  Bodies.  She joins her uncle, helping with his work.  When women start dying, the world goes mad.  Man after man is locked up for being Leather Apron, but the police have no clue where to look.  Can she discover the killer?  Five Stars
  14. Who We Were Before, Leah Mercer.  This was my Kindle First pick.  Zoe and Edward have faced an unbearable tragedy.  While they love one another, neither one is able to cope properly with the loss of their son.  With words that can’t be taken back, and some that are never said at all, a marriage is in shambles.  Can a weekend in Paris help them find one another again?  Five Stars
  15. A Taste for Monsters, Matthew J. Kirby.  Evelyn is disfigured due to her previous job, and she is desperate.  Only the hospital will take her on as she is now!  Once there though, she is denied the job she wants and offered another instead.  She is to be maid to The Elephant Man, a man who understands disfigurement and how it makes one look at oneself.  As the two get to know each other, his kindness and spirit help her to heal.  Outside the hospital, though, women are being murdered- and they are coming to them for help.  The ordeal is proving too much for Joseph though, and as his health declines Evelyn has to find a way to help the spirits- and Joseph.  I loved this book!  Five Stars

Over and over again this month, I closed a book saying to myself “That one is my new favorite”.  So many wonderful stories, I spent the whole month enthralled!





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