To Love and To Cherish, Lauren Layne

to-love-and-to-cherishspolier alertTitle: To Love and To Cherish

Author: Lauren Layne

Pages: 320

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Part of a series?  Yes, book 3 of The Wedding Belles.

Publish Date: October 18th, 2016


Before we begin, a big thank you to Netgalley and Pocket Books for an advanced copy of this book.  It was just what I wanted from this series!  Sweet, sexy, funny, but also really emotional.

Alexis Morgan had one dream all her life.  To be a premiere wedding planner with her own company.  One dinner conversation with a sexy brit brings her dreams to fruition.  Just out of school himself, Logan Harris is ready to start his own accounting firm.  He has a sizeable inheritance and a plan.  Meeting Alexis Morgan makes him realize there’s one more thing he needs…. the girl- er, I mean, a partnership in a wedding planning company?

The two have worked together with Logan as silent partner for eight years now, and the company is a huge success.  Alexis couldn’t be happier- could she?  I mean, yeah, she gets lonely sometimes but there will be time for all that later.  When she finds that her sister is pregnant, and getting married to, her ex something shifts.  She isn’t jealous per se… the two have been together a decade now and it’s all water under the bridge… but she isn’t exactly comfortable either.  When did her dream stop including a husband and babies?  There is just one thing to do- start dating.  Everyone (including Logan) seems to think it should be obvious who her date should be; but is she ready to risk all that?  What if he gets bored, loses interest, leaves her?  She can’t risk it.

Logan is pissed.  Eight years he’s waited for this woman to notice him and she finally starts looking… at other guys.  Is he wasting his time?  His family wants him to come home, take over the family busuness.  Why not?  Besides a stubborn brunette, what’s keeping him in America?  Still, he loves her, so he’s going to give it one more go.

Following Alexis to her sister’s wedding weekend, he poses as her boyfriend to ease the embarrassment between family.  He is on his final campaign.  It is time to make Alexis see what they could be.  If that doesn’t work… London.  He just has to know that he’s tried everything.   But can he make her see that he’s in this forever?  Can she let her guard down and trust in them?

Okay, this is the one I was waiting for.  Logan was one of my favorite characters ever since he was brought into the story.  I just knew there was more to him!  It was sexy and unbearably sweet, watching him with her.  Not to mention frustrating…. but, hey, who ever said love was easy?  I enjoyed the other books in the series, but this really brought something special.  I laughed, I cried… I couldn’t put the book down.  With Layne’s clean, witty writing style and a caste of characters that you can’t help but love, this is bound to be a fan favorite.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a six.  There is a lot of fairly explicit sexual content, language and drinking.  It didn’t get crass or too over the top, but it is a contemporary romance so…. yeah, sex.  mature audience.

The book comes out 10-18-16, save the date!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle

Happy Reading!




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