What’s new Wednesday? Week 22!

reading-to-kidsHey guys! Today is National Storytelling Day.  I kind of like the idea of curling up and telling stories- though only my cat would listen…  she does love cuddle time.

And on that note…


What’s new with me?

Work has gotten a bit less hectic.  We are wrapping up the largest part of our donation drive for Children’s Miracle Network and I am super proud of both my coworkers and awesome customers.  We went from being last in our region to second; and we are looking exceptionally well for reaching our personal goal as a store (if we did more than last year my Zone Manager had to wear a Superman onsie to work- pics may follow if he allows).  This charity has always been dear to me, because I have seen what it can do.  My friends’ son needed them.

Otherwise, today is my husband’s 32nd birthday!  We did presents early with the O’hana.  I may make make a cake, though we are both semi-dieting.  (All in moderation, right?)

What’s new in news?

In Beach Haven, NJ a 59 year old man is facing charges of lewdness.  He fashioned a bikini out of see through plastic wrap and wore it on the beach for two days.  Aparently you could clearly make out the naughty bits.  Read full story here.

What’s new in books?

Where do I begin?!!? Yesterday (10-04-16) saw two bookshots come out (10,000,000 Marriage Proposal, and French Kiss) as well as a full novel (Missing).  Then there is Yesternight by Cat Winters.  And, of course, Magnus Chase and the gods of asguard book 2: Hammer of Thor.  Seriously, love me some irreverent demigods!  Add to the mix flying teens, gods who are forever loosing their sh!t and deeply depressed goats and you know your gonna have a good time.    Lastly, the 17th will bring us Beast by Bri Spangler.  My TBR list for the month may have changed…. lol.  What are you guys excited about?

So, that’s it for me.  What’s new with you?



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