The Hammer of Thor, Rick Riordan

hammer of thorspolier alertTitle:  The Hammer of Thor

Author: Rick Riordan

Pages: 480

Genre: Youth, adventure, fantasy.

Part of a series?  Yes, book two of Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard.

Published? October 4th, 2016

Magnus Chase is still getting the hang of this undead warrior thing.  He loves having enough food and friends, no longer being on the street… but part of him is upset that he can have everything and others remain homeless.  Also, let’s be honest, the constant battle and training leaves very little time for a social life.  When his favorite Valkyrie asked him to meet her informant (the world’s most depressed goat), things get crazy.  We’re talking dead goat, chasing assassins and getting the first lead on Thor’s lost hammer.

Getting back to Valhalla he learns that much has been kept from him.  Sam is being forced to marry a giant by her father Loki (now remember, she already has a love interest that she is engaged to), Hearthstone and Blitzen are in hiding, and the newest warrior is a gender-fluid shape shifter who is also a child of Loki.  Have I mentioned Loki?  Oh, yeah, he has big plans to get free from his imprisonment and start Ragnarok.  Our heroes must find the hammer, stop a wedding, and defeat Loki…. along with several other side quests.  Easy, right?

I can’t even begin to explain my love for these characters.  I have always been a Riordan fan and have liked each series more than the last.  I love Magnus, with his humor and sarcasm.  I love how much he cares about everyone, and that he isn’t just naturally great at the whole hero gig.  I love the supporting characters, Hearthstone and Blitzen and Sam.  The depiction of the Gods, especially how Sam sees them, is great.  There’s always a lot of adventure and hilarity.  The books leave you exhilarated and ready for the next adventure.  Unfortunately I will be waiting for a year.  (Also, cliffhanger… but we won’t go there).  All in all I loved this book.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale… this book is geared toward children eight and up, so there isn’t too much.  There’s some language and violence, neither one too over the top.  I would give it a three.General.svg

The book is out now- go get it!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle



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