My Fair Lily, Meara Platt

my-fair-lilyspolier alertTitle: My Fair Lily

Author: Meara Platt

Pages: 266

Genre: historical romance

Part of a series?  Yes, book one of The Farthingale series (though there are books later where the girls meet their mates, and yet in this book they were married… odd.  I have only read the blurbs, though.)

Published: October 16th, 2014

Ewan Cameron made a deathbed promise to his father- he and his sister would stay with their London family for three months.  He can’t say as he’s thrilled- he doesn’t belong in England and neither does Meggie.  His cousins want him dead and his grandfather… well, he never wanted him.

There is only one bright light in England.  Miss Lilly Farthingale, the beautiful blue stocking that has the royal academy up in arms.  She is as sweet and loving and lovely and smart.  It’s an intoxicating mix and Ewan can’t resist any more than his dog Jasper can.  When danger seems to hound the two, it’s logical that this is about Ewan.  He tries his best to keep everyone safe while he figures out who is behind it all?  But what is he isn’t the actual target?  There’s a lot of laughter, love and action to be found here.

I loved this book.  The characters were fantastic, and I can’t wait for Dilly’s story.  I can find myself getting lost in the world where these girls exist.  The premise was good, and even though I had seen it done before, the author kept it fresh and interesting for me.  My only complaint is that the older sisters are married in this book, but books three and above seem to be about each of their love stories.  It isn’t unheard of to jump back in time in a series, but one does wonder why.  Still, I thought it was fast paced and very enjoyable.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, there is sexual content (fairly graphic actually), language and violence.  I have to give it a seven.  mature audience.

The book is out- go get it!

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