What’s New Wednesday? Week 23!

20161012_175020.jpgHey guys!  Today is take your teddy bear to work day.   Apparently it is always the second Wednesday of October.  Does it surprise anyone that I actually have a collection of stuffed animals/ plushies with quite a few bears?     Now, on with the post!

What’s new with me?

We started getting cold weather last week and tried to turn on the heat.  Nada.  The central heating unit us dead. I cannot handle a Missouri winter without heat!  My adoring husband went out immediately and got me some space heaters (we had a ceramic one when we first moved in together, but my Sassy Britches is an idiot.  We woke up to the scent of singed kitty and she was still purring as we pried her off.  After that, we haven’t had portable heaters for the past eight years… or candles, but that’s another story).  We are getting a new unit, but that will take a little time.

As a side note, what do you guys think of my new pajamas/ Halloween costume?  Lol we had so many great onsies this year that it was hard to choose.  Wonder Woman, The Cat in the Hat, a shark, Ariel, Olaf, and a unicorn just to name a few.  I almost got the one that looks like the guy from Operation!  Please tell me I am not the only one that loves these things….

What’s new in news?

When Hurricane Mathew went through Florida, the aftermath brought something unexpected.  On October 8th a bald eagle was seen caught in the grill of a car in Green Cove Springs, Fl.  A passing motorist saw the bird and got the driver to pull over.  The bird was taken to a wildlife sanctuary and appears to be unharmed.

What’s new in books?

James Patterson came out with a new one this week that I am on the fence about.  It is called Filthy Rich.  It is the true crime story of Jeffrey Epstein.  It is being called “A shocking true crime tale of money, power, and sex from the world’s most popular thriller writer.”  I have never read a true crime book before, but this does sound riveting.  What do you guys think?

Well, that’s it for me.  What’s new with you?



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