The Darkest Minds, and In Time by Alexandra Bracken

the-darkest-mindsin-timespolier alertTitles: The Darkest Minds, and In Tine (two books).

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Pages: The Darkest Minds- 488.  In Time-89

Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Part of a series?  Yes, these are books 1 and 1.5 of the Darkest Minds series

Publish dates: December 18th, 2012 and July 16th, 2013.

A strange virus has ravaged the children.  So many have died, and it doesn’t seem to be ending…. the surviving children are taken into camps to try to find a treatment and begin healing.  What the kids and parents don’t understand, though, is that something happened to the survivors.  The government knows, though, and it is a race to keep them contained.  Abilities pop up, the ability to work with electricity, the ability to see in someone’s mind… to control someone’s mind.  These are our children- and they are dangerous.  Freaks.  Camp is the only safe place for them.

Ruby was ten when she went to camp.  Starving and scared, every day is a battle… but it’s better than the alternative.  She sees other kids- braver kids- killed or taken away.  The red and orange children with the dangerous abilities.  It makes her feel guilty.  When an agent helps her escape, she doesn’t stop to think.  Anything has to be better than camp!  But then she sees something she shouldn’t have, and it’s a doozy.  Who can she trust, and how can she survive in the outside world where even the adults are having trouble surviving.  She meets a group of kids.  More than anything she wants to stay with them, especially their leader Liam.  But would it be fair, when they don’t really know what they’re getting with her?  Still…. she needs time.  Time to come to terms with her abilities, learn to use them and decide where her loyalties really lie.

In the next novella (In Time) you skip to a young man, Gabe, as he tries to take on the only job available to him.  It’s just his luck that the first kid he comes across is a little sprite with more sass than hair.  He hasn’t seen a kid in so long… all he knows is the propaganda.  This…. this isn’t a little girl any more it’s a FREAK.  It’s also $10,000 when every thing has been shut down and there aren’t any jobs to be had.  Yet the more time he spends with this kid, the more he sees that maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing after all.  Zu isn’t what he expected, and he isn’t ready to care for her.  It’s evident though, that they won’t be going to the station after all.  Instead it’s a trip to California to reunite her with her family and a fresh start…. maybe.

Ever since I finished Passenger by Alexandra Bracken this earlier this year I have been looking for more of her books.  The Darkest Minds is a dystopian fantasy series.  The premise of these children, given abilities they never wanted and torn from their families…. it really grabbed me.  I put myself on the eBook list for the library.  Even though I adored everything about Passenger, I tried to come into this book with no expectations.  I loved it.  I loved Ruby and the others.  I even liked the villains of the piece who were crazy interesting.  The timing of the story got a bit unsteady at times, but always picked itself back up.  Both the premise and the plot were great, and I can’t wait for the next one.  ( I already downloaded it from the library.)  I added the first book and the novella into one post because I didn’t feel like there was enough story to do a full review there without giving everything away.  I loved them though.  Both books deserve five stars.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there is a lot of violence and some language.  Mostly violence.  It is written for younger readers, though.  Maybe thirteen and up?  General.svg

The books are out now, go get them!

Links to books:

The Darkest Minds

Through the Dark (Heads up, this is a group of novellas and I haven’t read them all.  For some reason I can’t seem to find In Time for sale alone, but my library had it.)



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