Never Fade, Alexandra Bracken

never-fadespolier alertTitle:  Never Fade

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Pages:  512 (?) Number is from Goodreads and most likely accurate.  My kindle app likes to make ridiculous assertions, for example claiming that I read 6,337 pages.  I have not.  Pagination is wonky when reading from one’s phone.

Genre: YA, sci-fi, dystopian.

Part of a series?  Yes, book 2 of the Darkest Minds series.

Published: October 15th, 2013

After making a deal with the Children’s League (her staying and actually helping if they leave Liam alone), Ruby has to adapt to a place where everyone seems to either hate her, or fear her.  Alban wants to use her abilities to…extract intel.  She hates it- hates the monster that she is.  When she gets sent out on an op to retrieve an agent, she isn’t ready for who she finds.  Cole, Liam’s brother, is very different.  Where Liam is soft and caring, Cole is… not.  He is a soldier, a fighter, he is League.  He’s also lost the intel he was supposed to grab.  And who should have it now…?

Ruby is sent out after Liam to grab the flash drive; but let’s face it… she has to know that he’s okay- no matter what she did when they parted.  Catching up with some new characters, and some old, we have a dangerous adventure on our hands as our heroes attempt to stay together, stay alive, and build a League they can be proud of.

I have devoured these books as quickly as the library could get them to me.  I may be spending the dregs of my book money on the last one…. and maybe the short stories.  I am next in line for book three, though, and there are books I am supposed to be reading.  Maybe I will just cool my jets…. but I digress!  We are here for the review.

I am torn on this one.  I loved the book, the writing style was smooth and fast paced.  The plot was great and I loved the new characters.  I also loved all the old characters I got to see again.  Everything is ramping up to an epic battle between an improved Children’s League (maybe with additional kids), and those that want the children dead.  I was excited and enthralled- especially with the parts with Liam (though I am unhappy with the conclusion there.  Let’s face it- every girl has dreamed of their own Liam when they were young- intelligent, funny, sensitive and protective.  I just love him…)  Even with all of this, and the fact that their world is better fleshed out here, I still liked the first book better.  I think this is still a five star book, though.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, the violence is ramped up.  With the addition to a new character, the language is a bit more colorful, and it definitely delves a bit into the issue of what happens when one is given power.  It’s a bit heavy in parts really.  Still, I would give it to my niece- and I might- without qualm.  I’m giving it a seven.Parental Guidance

The book is out- read the other book(s) first, but definitely do not miss this!

Link to book:

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