What’s New Wednesday? Week 24!

  friends Hey guys!  Today is October 19th, and new friends day.  I am actually pretty excited about this idea…. celebrating the new people I have met and new friends I have made- celebrating all of you.  I have been so happy to be part of both this community and more recently the Litsy community.

      With that said, let’s get started!

    What’s new with me?

         For starters, we got a new central heating/ cooling system.  I love it!  Warren is already talking about what else he wants to do (hopefully years down the road when we are in better financial position).  It sounds like next will be solar panels, providing nothing breaks (the joys of being a home owner).

        I have been thinking a lot about the things I want to do here.  One idea will be more in the way of December, with a round up of the books that I either could not have done without or will be re-reading.  For me, there are always a number of five star books, but which ones will I be revisiting again and again?  Also, I may have a post-Halloween treat for you guys…. I am working on something I haven’t done before and I am pretty excited.

         My yearly reading challenge on Goodreads is wrapped up.  I have read 150 books so far this year (the list is here if you are interested in what all I have read).

What’s new in news?

     In Atlanta, Georgia a young life was lost this weekend due to a foolish game.  Kobe Thomas, a sixteen year old basketball enthusiast, convinced his friends to help him play “jump the car”…. yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.  Apparently he had seen a video where it looked as if Kobe Bryant was doing this, and Thomas thought he could too.  His friends tried to talk him out of it before giving in.  Thomas died Sunday, after going to two hospitals.  The driver of the car now faces charges of vehicular homicide, reckless driving and others.  Read the full story here.

           This slays me.  For one, that kid was so young.  He had so much potential, but more than that he had a family.  There are people that love him and will never see him graduate or become a pro basketball player.  His friends, besides being traumatized, face charges.  This is not a game guys.  The things we see on TV are often just illusions, stunts.  We should not try to replicate them.  Years ago, there was a story about a kid that died trying to jump from roof to roof, car surfing, and catching rides on the back of cars with their skate boards.  None of these are good ideas- I can’t even believe that has to be put in writing!  Be smart, people.  Be safe, and let the death defying stunts be on TV and story books where they belong.  My heart aches for all the families involved in this tragedy.  Let’s be honest, this is going to touch more than just the Thomas’.

What’s new in books?

         I just picked up the fall copy of Foreword Reviews.  There are always a ton of new books listed here to whet the appetite of any bibliophile.  What I really love here is that there are so many different genres.  One that seemed especially interesting to me was For the Love of Mary, by Christopher Meades.  Jacob is your typical 15 year old boy, alternately confident and cowardly.  When a mega church becomes his neighbor, he’s intrigued by it all.  The ambitious ministry, religion-inflected AC/DC lyrics, and the pastor’s daughter Mary.  This is supposed to be filled with refreshing self awareness, lowbrow humor, and the trials of coming of age.  I am actually pretty excited about this one.

         So, that’s it for me.  What’s new with you?



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