What’s On My Radar?

I am in a bit of a quandary.  Obviously, I am obsessed with the Darkest Minds series by Alexandra Bracken.  I am reading In The Afterlight (book 3), and that is next, I have the eBook already.  These others, though, are the ones that I am on the fence about.  Has anyone read any of these?  Is anyone going to read Turbo Twenty-three?  Here are my thoughts on each and why I am on the fence.

As Old As Time, Liz Braswell.  Another retelling about beauty and the beast, and honestly I love a good retelling.  With this one, what if Belle’s mother was the one to curse Beast?  Now, I loved A Whole New World, but I am beginning to wonder if these are played out yet.  Will it be enough for a fresh take?

Once Upon a Dream, Liz Braswell.  Sleeping Beauty retold.  What if Aurora didn’t get woken up?  The fight is in her dream world(?).  While an interesting premise, will it be too far from the original?  Will I mind that?

For the Love of Mary, Christopher Meades.  Okay, you have a fifteen year old going though all the normal teen stuff.  Along with that, a mega church comes into the neighborhood- and your religious mother is not thrilled.  None of that would matter really, but our narrator is obsessed with the pastor’s lovely daughter Mary.  I am intrigued by this premise, but the reviews are severely mixed.  Do I want to buy it?  Has anyone read it?

Filthy Rich, James Patterson.  This is the true story of Jeffrey Epstein and his crimes.  I am not usually a fan of true crime books, but this one caught my eye because of the premise.  I grabbed the sample, and depending on how that goes, may buy the book.

Turbo Twenty-three, Janet Evanovich.  I have loved the Stephanie Plum series about the hilariously inept bounty hunter and her zany friends…. but really, how long can this go on?  The love triangle has, to me, been played out; and one would think she would be getting better at her job after all this time.  On the other hand, these books are always a good time.  Is it worth $15 though, or do I stay on the library’s waiting list and read it three months after it comes out?

Any thoughts guys?



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