Someone To Love, Mary Balogh

someone-to-lovespolier alertTitle: Someone to Love

Author: Mary Balogh

Pages: 400

Genre: historical romance

Part of a series?  Yes, book one of the Westcott series.

Publish date: November 8th, 2016

Thank you to First to Read for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Anna Snow has spent most of her life in an orphanage in Bath, first as a child and then as a teacher.  Her board has always been paid by the Earl of Riverdale until his death.  At that point, she figured she was on her own and was surprised when a coach came for her.  Apparently there were matters to discuss in London.  How long could it take for someone to be told payments would stop?  She would be home soon.

But not everything was as it seemed.  Anna’s father, the Earl of Riverdale, married her mother and then left her.  When her mother got sick and died, her grandparents informed him.  At four years old, Anna was taken from them and deposited in the orphanage- having been told that they didn’t want her.

Now, the truth comes to light.  While still married to Anna’s mother, the old earl married another and had three children who all thought they were legitimate.  It was only after the reading of the will that they found out that they were not his legal children.  The title went to a cousin, the fortune to Anna.  Needless to say, not everyone is best pleased.

All Anna had ever wanted was a family to love and be loved by.  It breaks her heart, having sisters and a brother that are hurting.  They won’t take a penny, and run off to live with relatives and join the army respectively.  There is one man, though, that seems to accept Anna.  Avery  Archer, Duke of Netherby, cannot believe what he is hearing.  She doesn’t want the money, or all the society trappings- she keeps hiring her fellow orphans!  Nothing about her is quite what he pictured, but she is so sweet and lovely that he can’t look away.  As the two spend more time together Anna glimpses more and more of the man behind all the posturing- the young, frail boy, that had had to learn to fight, and deflect in order to survive.  The boy that only ever wanted someone to love…

I really liked this book.  It was sweet and charming, with Balogh’s usual warmth.  The characters were wonderfully engaging, and I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.  There were a few pacing issues early on, I felt, but it was quickly delt with and the rest of the story came smoothly.  I enjoyed the insights into both Anna and Avery’s pasts.  It was interesting to see how Avery delt with things in his youth.  All in all, I would give this one a four.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, there is some violence (though very minor) and sexual content.  I would give it a five.  Parental Guidance

The book will be out 11/08/2016.  Check it out!

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