Cover Reveal, blurb, bio and a quick Q&A

dane-cobain-come-on-up-to-the-house Hey Guys!  I am so excited to share Dane Cobain’s cover for Come On Up To The House.  This is going to be a screenplay and novella set to release this winter (2016).   I first learned of this author through his book No Rest For The Wicked,  which I had issues with, but I can’t fault the premise.  It was a great plot.  Since then, he has written a book of poetry (Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home) and a fiction novel this year,  I have yet to read these, but they are on my list.


Book Description:

Doesn’t life seem nasty, brutish and short?

This horror novella and accompanying screenplay tells the story of Darran Jersey, a troubled teenager who moves into a house that’s inhabited by the malevolent spirit of his predecessor. As time goes by and the family begins to settle, Darran begins to take on more and more of the qualities of James, the dead teenager who committed a bloody suicide. As tragedy after tragedy threatens to destroy the family, Darran’s mother Alice decides to leave the house behind and start afresh, but is it too late? Find out when you Come On Up to the House…

About the Author:

dane-cobain Dane Cobain is a UK author, musician and poet.  His blog, Social bookshelves has recently been ranked 5th in a list of UK lit blogs.  I was given the opportunity to do a short question and answer session via email, which I will add now.

1. Did you always want to be a writer growing up?

Pretty much! I wanted to be in a band until I hit puberty, then I wanted to be a rockstar, and then from fourteen onwards I had my heart set on being a writer.
2. Were there any authors that really inspired you?
I’m inspired by anyone who follows their dream and keeps on writing, to be honest. I think all writers are influenced by all other writers because we’re all operating in a sort of pool of creativity that we share with our contemporaries and the people who came before us. But in particular, I credit Philip Pullman for making me love reading in the first place thanks to his His Dark Materials trilogy.
3. What was your favorite book growing up?
That last answer leads me on to this one, actually. It’d be Northern Lights, the first book in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. I loved the whole series, but Northern Lights was the best, and is the first book I think of when I get asked this question.
4. What is your favorite book now?
Probably still Northern Lights – there are so many books to read that I rarely get a chance to re-read a book, these days. But of the recent books that I’ve read, or of my top books this year, I’d probably go for His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnett. Cracking read.
5.  What does your home life look like?  (Family, pets, hobbies besides what is listed on your page).
Good question! I live in quite a small house – it’s a ground floor flat with a bedroom, a little bathroom, a tiny porch and a combined living room/kitchen. I have a girlfriend (shout out to Becca, who I never mention in my interviews!) who comes over quite often, and most times you’ll find me sitting on the sofa in front of the massive TV someone gave to me for free (online through a local listings website), watching Netflix on that and doing some work on my computer, which is right beside it.
         Again, Come On Up to the House is scheduled to release this winter.  Be on the lookout, I know I will!



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