Missing, James Patterson and Kathryn Fox

missing-picsspolier alertTitle: Missing: A Private Novel.

Authors: James Patterson an Kathryn Fox.


Genre: detective, suspense

Part of a series: Yes, book 12

Published? 10-04-2016

Craig Gistro of Private Sydney has his work cut out for himself.  Between the ongoing feud between himself and his cousin, and then the fact that the CEO  to a large charity is missing.  Add to that, someone is scamming adoption hopefuls and someone has bugged his crew’s phones.

Eliza Moss can’t believe that her father would just leave- it makes to sense- and she wants Craig to find out what’s been going on.  The thing is…. there’s no paper trail.  Social security number, ID, schooling… nothing shows up.  Not everyone is upset that Moss is gone, though, and he may not be all he appears in any case.

With the Private novels I often feel like there are too many things happening, and only some piece together to make a crime.  While they are intriguing and fast paced, I am often left wondering how great the book could have been if they stuck to one plot.  I would have liked to see more on the woman from the surrogate scam.  I did like it, I just didn’t love it.  The whole series just seems like a lot of drama, you know?  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, there is a large amount of language, violence and some mild sexual content.  I give it a six.  General.svg

The book is out- go get it!

Link to book:

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