October Wrap Up!

Hey guys!  It has been a crazy month with some amazing books.  I actually got back-logged for a while on my reviews, thus I wrote three today.  I just got really wrapped up in the books, one after another.  Then there was gathering the info for my blog’s first Cover Reveal (tentative release date for the book is December 5th, but it may need moved back).  Between that and gearing up for the retail holiday season ( I get to be a “happy helper”, directing customers to lines, grabbing items as needed and handing out candy canes… good times).  OOOH!  I almost forgot, Darling Warren got my brother in law to help him do insulation.  Roughly fifty bags of it!  Handy husband is best husband!  This does make me feel more and more like this is my forever home though…. it wasn’t the plan, but if we get rid of the “third bedroom” (long and thin- there is no way a bed is fitting in there.  It’s a pantry) we could make a large kitchen and make this house work.  Really I love everything else.  I just hate that my bedroom is larger than my kitchen.

But I digress.  We are here so I can gush over what I read this month!  Now, there is one on my list that I couldn’t read for technical issues (couldn’t download…).  I did not get Jim Butcher’s Wild Card (the Dresden Files graphic novel).  I am actually fairly bummed about that because I adored the Dresden Files and have been missing my favorite wizard detective.  I have all but given up on the new novel, which keeps being moved back so that he can work on a steam punk series (really? *sigh*).  I have waited years and am very close to saying that I am done with the series…. my husband, on the other hand, lives in hope and has re-listened to the series three times in order to be ready for the next one should it be written.  I am still considering the graphic novels as a way to stay close to the series, plus there is that short story in a collection with other authors…. I just don’t know if it’s worth the hassle anymore.  Now, on to what I have read!

  1. To Love and To Cherish, Lauren Layne.  This is the one for Alexis and Logan from the Wedding Belles series, and I just loved it.  Five Stars *Thank you Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book.*
  2. $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal, James Patterson and Hilary Liftin.  This was one of the bookshots for the month that I was on the fence about.  The premise seemed very interesting, daring even… but there were many ways that it could have gone badly.  I mean, a guy posting a billboard asking if anyone wants to marry him for $10,000,000?  It was great though.  Five Stars
  3. The Killing Game, J.S. Carol.  Imagine if you will, you are having lunch at a very exclusive restaurant and a guy comes in with a gun and a bomb.  If you piss him off, you die… and if he dies, you die.  I have seen some great reviews come through for this one… it just lost my interest.  Two Stars
  4. Beast, Brie Spangler.  A reimagining of beauty and the beast where beauty is very unique.  This was a great one with a nod to the LGBT community.  I really loved it.  Five Stars
  5. My Fair Lily, Meara Platt.  Smart and bookish Lilly Farthingale dreams of being the first female admitted to the Royal Society.  She has written works, but because of her gender it has been difficult to be taken seriously.  When Ewan Cameron, the estranged grandson of one of the members, comes to town he doesn’t intend to stay longer than necessary.  Lilly pulls at him, though, and she feels it too.  Then the grandfather offers Lilly a deal- help him put his family back together and she can be a member.  Can a girl really have it all?  Four Stars
  6. The Darkest Minds, and In Time by Alexandra Bracken.  Books #1 and 1.5 of the Darkest Minds series.  The children are getting sick.  Those that live are getting special abilities come puberty.  The question is, what do we do with them?  I became obsessed with this series.  Five Stars
  7. Never Fade, Alexandra Bracken Book #2 of the Darkest Minds series.  Five Stars
  8. In the Afterlight, Alexandra Bracken.  Book #3.  Lots of action, romance, and answers.  I was very satisfied that this could be the end of the series.  But wait… Five Stars
  9. Through the darkness, Alexandra Bracken.  I may not have written a review for this one.  How remiss of me…. this includes several short stories linked to the Darkest Minds series, mostly towards the end.  In Time was placed here, and you get more time with Suzume, but there was also a lot of information on Sammy and some info on what happened to the Reds.  It was all really neat and tied up some loose ends.  Five Stars
  10. French Kiss, James Patterson and Richard DiLallo.  This is the introduction of a new series, and a bookshot.  I feel like it would have been better as a full book  where things could be explained better and I might have had more of a link to Luc Moncrief.  As it was, it was good… but it wasn’t great.  Three Stars
  11. Someone To Love, Mary Balogh.  Anna Snow grew up in an orphanage with a benefactor paying for her board.  When the earl of Riverdale passes, she learns that she was his only legitimate child; his countess’ marriage having been bigamous.  Now she has the family she always wanted, but they don’t want her.  The only one that seems to care about her is Avery Archer, the duke of Netherby and guardian to Henry whom everyone thought was the new Earl of Riverdale.  Four Stars*Thank you First to Read for an advanced copy of this book*
  12. When All The Girls Have Gone, Jayne Ann Krentz.  *Thank you Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book*.  When Charlotte Sawyer can’t get a hold of her step-sister, Jocelyn, she gets nervous.  Jocelyn’s best friend is dead and she isn’t at the retreat like she’s supposed to be.  Teaming up with PI Max Culter, they look into not only Jocelyn’s past but her present- the investment club she and her friend were a part of.  As they come closer and closer to answers, things get dangerous.  Four Stars
  13. Missing, James Patterson and Kathryn Fox.  The second book in the Private series to be in Sydney.  Craig Gisto is back.  Currently he is looking into a break in of his own offices, a missing persons report, a woman scamming would be parents, and a kidnapping.  It’s never quiet at Private.  Four Stars
  14. Duke of Pleasure, Elizabeth Hoyt.  Alf’s story from the Maiden Lane series!  Love, love, loved it!   Read the other books first though, seriously.  It’s better that way.  Five Stars
  15. For the Love of Mary, Christopher Meades.  Jacob is juggling teen hormones and first love with the need to help his crazy mother with her war against the “big church” across the street from his.  His sister is too busy with her dating life to be of assistance and his best friend is in the middle of his own crisis.  We have sick ferrets, attacking bearded ladies, nudie bar addictions, car wash action, paint ball guns and heavy theological questions (such as, did Jesus masturbate?).  I seriously loved this book!  Five Stars
  16. The Hammer of Thor, Rick Riordan.  Magnus Chase is back!  He and his merry band of misfits are on the lookout for Thor’s hammer, and trying not to let any of the team mates get married in the mean time.  Five Stars
  17. Filthy Rich, James Patterson and John Connolly.  The true story of Jeffrey Epstein and how money and influence may have had a part in his sentencing.  It was horrifying.  Four Stars

Well, that’s it for last month.  I tried to keep it pretty short per book.  If you want more information on any of them, just click on the name and it will take you to my review.    What did you guys read?  It’s late here, so I will most likely do my November TBR  page tomorrow.  Night guys!




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