What’s New Wednesday? Week 26!

              driving-a-cop-car    Hey guys!      It’s “practice being psychic day!  Now I know what you are all thinking…. lol.  Anyway…

What’s new with me?

   We had a good Halloween.  I worked most of the evening, but I actually like it on Halloween.  We don’t have kids, so I don’t have to take anyone out, and this way I get to see a bunch of kids in costumes!  It is my favorite holiday to work.  When I got home we still had a good amount of goblins and princesses, so I had a ton of fun.

            I have been reading a lot (101 hours last month), but got behind on reviews.  Thus you got bombarded with a ton of them yesterday on my day off.  Sorry about that!  I am caught up now though, and just have to do my TBR page for the month.

What’s new with news?

         So… Don Penny had an interesting Halloween.  The Tulsa Oklahoma man was already a convict for multiple charges, including impersonating a police officer.  He decided to steal a cop car and live stream the ensuing chase on Facebook.  After leading authorities on a high speed chase through four counties, he finally parked the car in front of his parent’s home some 30 miles from Tulsa.  All I can say is someone has played too much GTA.

What’s new in books?

First to Read is beginning their next round of books tomorrow.   If you are already a member, get there early.  The guaranteed copies get snapped up fast.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, First to Read is Penguin Press’ website for advanced copies of books.  You don’t get to keep them- they do expire- but you get to read them for free for the price of a review.  Everything you do on the web site gets you points that you can use to guarantee yourself a copy of the book you want.  Otherwise, you are in a pool trying to get one of forty copies.  I have worked with this site for years and I adore them.

Well, that’s it for me, what’s new with you?



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