Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs

miss-peregrines-home-for-peculiar-childrenspolier alertTitle: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Author: Ransom Riggs

Pages: 352

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Adventure

Part of a series:  Yes, book one of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Published: June 7th, 2011

What if every story Grandpa told you that you brushed off was true?  Jacob stopped believing in his grandfather’s stories of peculiar children years ago.  On the night of his grandfather’s death, though, he sees something that can’t be explained any other way.  Whenever he talks about what he saw, everyone thinks he’s crazy.  Even his friend, who was there, doesn’t remember the monster.  For his own peace of mind, and to honor his grandfather’s last words, he has to find Miss Peregrine.

When he finally meets the Peculiar children, he realizes that every thing his grandpa said was true.  There is an invisible boy, levitating girl, and a girl that can create fire- and none of them have aged a day since Abe (Jacob’s grandfather) left.  Living safely in a loop that keeps them going through one day in history, the children are safe but know very little about the “real” world.

When danger comes to the island and Miss Peregrine gets kidnapped, the loop breaks and only a few children and Jacob remain.  He has to make a choice- go back to his real world with his family, or stay with the group and fix things.

I was on the fence with this book for years.  It sounded very interesting, but there was so much hype…. and often the ones that are touted as being the “best ever” are the ones that leave me dissatisfied. I guess I go in with too many expectations even though  I tell myself not to.  This one, though, was amazing.  Fast paced and spell binding, you are thrown into a world of hidden depths.  I loved the characters, especially Jacob and Emma.  The pictures (which are explained by the author after the book is done) is an interesting touch and definitely added to my enjoyment of the book.  I got wrapped up in the lives of these Peculiars, enchanted really.  I can’t wait for more!  Thankfully I am next in line at the library so this shouldn’t take long.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale…. there wasn’t really too much.  There’s some violence and language- both fairly minor.  I would give this book to any kid.  General.svg

The book is out there- don’t hesitate!

Link to book:

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