Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, The Original Screenplay(and movie), J.K. Rowling

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-themspolier alertTitle: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, The Original Screenplay

Author: J.K. Rowling

Pages:  304

Genre:  Fantasy

Part of a series?  Not only is this supposed to be a prequel of sorts to the Harry Potter books/movies, but there are supposed to be five movies in all.

Published:  November 18th, 2016

The idea behind FB started when Rowling wrote out a primer of sorts about the magical creatures, as if it were a primer for Hogwarts, written by Newt Scamander.  In the screenplay Newt comes to 1920’s New York in order to buy a magical creature (0r s0 we’re told).  His case, while extraordinary, has a habit of getting opened.  One magical mischief maker gets loose- Niffler, the cutest thief of all time.  While pursuing his beastie through the bank, chaos ensues.  He meets Jacob, a muggle or no-mag as they are called here.  Newt finally apprehends Niffler, but not before getting them all in a lot of trouble with the police and the magic community.

Tina, once an auror, wants nothing more than to be taken seriously.  To get her place back.  Apprehending Scamander seems like just the thing, but when the shows one of the bosses his case, they find there’s been a mistake.  His case, and Jacob’s look alike.  Now they have to find Jacob, take care of him, and get the case back.  Nothing is ever easy, though…. the case has opened.  Jacob has to find the missing beasts before they get hurt.

While all this is happening, we have a family that hates magic, trying to rally people and get them to believe that there are witches among us.  There are odd things going on in New York already- building blowing up, people talking about having seen a “black mist”.    Percival Graves, an auror, is meant to be looking into this.  The president of the magical community does not want to risk exposure.  He may have his own agenda though…. Can Newt and the gang get the beasties under control and protect the NY magical community?

So, I loved this screenplay- the play between characters, the plot, the beasts… it was, well, magical.  I loved Jacob, the would-be baker and basically antithesis to anything one would think of as heroic.  And yet, there he is following Newt on adventure after adventure.  He knew nothing of the magical world, but very quickly adapted.  I loved Queenie, sweet, bubbly, and terribly loyal.  I loved Newt, who had no idea how to deal with humans but loved his beasts so much.  The beasts themselves were gorgeous and intriguing.  I will say though, that as it is a screenplay I did not get as much description as I would like.  I wanted more!  I am still giving this five stars, though.  I loved it!  Five Stars

Now, the movie was obviously the screenplay brought to life.  Everything I loved is there, but fleshed out.  The beasts are glorious!   I loved them.  This was a visually stunning movie- 1920’s America, the clothes, the magic, the beasts.  Did I mention the beasts?  Obviously I am obsessed with the beasts.  I also bought the “making of” companion book for $17 at Target ( highly recommended), and I have the soundtrack downloaded to my google music account.  So in recap, great soundtrack.   Costuming was fantastic, good character development and to die for visuals.  This is my favorite movie out of all  Harry Potter ones.

As far as the adult content, some of this is fairly dark.  I wouldn’t say it’s scary… just really dark.  There’s language and violence, but it’s pretty tame.  I would take a kid to see this.  I give it a three.  General.svg

So what do you guys think?  Have you read/ seen it yet?  Let me know!



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