Turbo Twenty-three, Janet Evanovich

turbo-23spolier alertTitle: Turbo Twenty-three

Author: Janet Evanovich

Pages:  288

Genre: fiction, humor, mystery

Part of a series?  Yes, this is the twenty third full length novel of the series.

Published:  November 15th, 2016

Stephanie Plum is back and ready to be a kick ass bounty hunter… or just a bounty hunter.  Larry Virgil skipped his last court date for when he stole an eight wheeler of bourbon. Luckily, he tries the same crime again- this time with ice cream.  Through sheer dumb luck Stephanie and Lula see him doing the same to an ice cream semi.

One thing leads to another, as it usually does in these books, leaving Lula and Stephanie chasing after Larry (who is driving Lula’s car) in the ice cream semi and crashing into a police car.  As if this isn’t bad enough, the back of the car has an unexpected treat:  a dead man frozen and dipped in chocolate and nuts in order to look like a dessert.  Obviously someone is trying to sabotage the local ice cream mogul.

While this is going on, we have Lula’s new big plan to be a reality TV star (Naked and Afraid in Trenton- or Naked Bungee Jumping).  A publicly pooping mime, a pissed off clown, Grannie’s biker boyfriend and a guy with a whole lot of snakes.

As usual, the play between characters is hilarious and makes up for a lot- like the fact that after 23 book Plum is still really inept.  Or  the love triangle with Plum/ Morelli/ Ranger that has gone on too long.  Or the fact that these books all go though many of the same themes.  Seriously, I tell myself I am done- how many times can she get herself almost-killed?!?!  Also, as at least one car is ruined per book, how are there still cars in Trenton?  How does she still have a license- seriously… how many cars have been blown up, shot up, or totaled because of this woman?  And yet I go back again and again because the characters are ridiculously addictive.  I can’t let them go!  Besides, these books are just a really fun time.  If you are looking for a serious detective/ bounty hunter… this isn’t it.  If you want to laugh until you pee, here ya go.  For the lols alone, I give this four stars.  Four Stars

As far as the adult content goes… violence, language, nudity, sexual content, drug use… I am probably forgetting something.  This is NOT a book for kids or young teens.  adult content road sign

The book came out 11-15-2016.  I recommend it- just don’t expect anything too serious.

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