I See You, Clare Mackintosh

i-see-youspolier alertTitle: I See You

Author: Clare Mackintosh

Pages: 372

Genre: mystery, thriller

Part of a series?  No.

Publication date: February 21st, 2017

First, a big thank you to First to Read for allowing me access to an advanced copy of this book.  As always, I am indebted to you.

Every morning and evening Zoe Walker, like so many others, takes the same commute via train, choosing her favorite spot in her favorite car, and never realizes that someone is watching her.  It started with the Classified ads.  In an ad for Findtheone.com  Zoey sees her own photo.  How?  She never signed up for this, or gave permission.  Her family says it either isn’t her, or is simply identity theft.  Other women have appeared on the same ad, a different one each day.  Zoe realizes that many have become the victims of crime- even murder.  In full paranoia now, Zoe doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn.  She needs answers… but the truth is often not what we believe or want.

This book was gripping.  I loved it.  We went from Zoe’s POV, to a detective, to the culprit themselves.  Fast paced and riveting, I was spellbound.  I adored Zoe, though I will admit I had a very hard time growing close to any other character except PC Swift, who was looking into the crimes.  Then again, you only see the others through the eyes of others.  I still loved the book.  It was creepy, thought provoking and intriguing.  Four Stars

As far as the adult content goes, this had quite a bit.  Violence-sexual and otherwise, and language.  I would give it a six.  mature audience.

The book is marked to come out 2-21-2016.  You can preorder your copy here:

Amazon Kindle



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