What’s New Wednesday? Week 29!

Hey guys!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I want to do something a bit different.  Instead of “What’s new with me”  I am going to list some things that I am very thankful for.

  1.  I will always be most thankful for my husband.  I tease Warren, but the truth is that he is a great man who would literally do anything  to make me happy.  He is kind, brilliant, and adores my family (huge plus.)  I am so very glad I married him eight years ago. warren-and-me-wedding-photo







2.  My family.  I was blessed with a huge, and slightly deranged family.  Because my parents got divorced when I was little I have grown having two mothers, two fathers, four sisters and a brother.  I also had four sets of grandparents, an unholy number of aunts and uncles and the coolest cousins ever.  As I grow older, my family means more and more to me.  I feel very blessed to have them all- even the uncle that you sometimes want to strangle.  We lost Grandpa Akuna a few years ago, and I still miss him.  This is the last pic of the Akuna O’hana with him in it (Uncle Terry made us Akuna O’hana shirts for Christmas that year).  ohana-with-grandpa






3.  My best friends from school, Emy and Kris.  I am terrible at keeping in contact with anyone-seriously.  If they weren’t so tenacious, we may not still be part of one another.  While we live in different states I love hearing what they are up to.  I get to see Emy’s art work, and pictures of her bare feet walking everywhere (home girl is against shoes).  I also get to see Kris in his cosplay, and doing the things he loves.  It makes me really happy.  I am, of course also happy for all of my friends that put up with my craziness.

4.  Facebook.  I could not still be in touch with everyone as easily without it.  One of my cousins lives in Canada now, another will be going to France and my big sister lives in Hawaii.  Without things like Facebook how would I ever know what my nephew had to eat that day?  Lol, seriously though.  It’s a godsend for people to lazy to learn to Skype.

5.  I am grateful for my job and coworkers.  I have been with Walmart for eleven years now and this is my fourth store.  I feel very at home and valued here.  My coworkers really care about one another, and we have a lot of fun.  I love seeing my friends there, being able to laugh with them.  I love feeling accepted as part of that team.  Not just that though.  Let’s face facts.  Being employed means being able to pay bills, get food and take care of things-and I often have extra left over for books or makeup.  Being a cashier is hardly glamorous, but I honestly enjoy it.

6.  Sassy Britches- the cutest, and stupidest, cat ever.  She was a rescue kitty that a local group found after her previous owners left her outside and moved away.  Her front and back claws were taken out, and she was scared.  By the time Warren and I found her she was healthy, but still feared the dark and thunderstorms.  We had to put tap lights around the floorboards for her- it didn’t take her long to figure out how to head-butt them.  She is also obsessed with warm things like ceramic heaters (singed her fur-we can’t have them any more) and flame (can’t have candles either darn it).  But for all this, she knows when I am sick or going through depression and is always ready to cuddle me until I feel better.  Plus, she taught my husband to play hide and seek for treats… you gotta be a little smart to do that, right?  santa-sassy




7.  My bookish community.  Here, I list all of you.  My friends and followers that allow me to gush about the latest great book I am reading without looking at me like I am insane.  Every follower makes me feel like I made a new friend.  I also consider my Litsy crew here, and all the places where I get my books.  Netgalley and First to read.  I just found most of these things this year, but I don’t know how I ever lived without all of you.

Now then…. What’s new in News?

I refuse to say another word about Trump- not even about his war on a good Broadway show.  Instead I want to talk about what has blown up my Facebook feed because apparently it’s a big deal.  Kanye West went on a tirade mid concert and subsequently cancelled the rest of his tour (21 shows).  He is siting exhaustion, and has been hospitalized since Monday.  While I am not a fan, one does hope he feels better soon.

What’s new in books?

*Mini rant loading*.  Earlier this year a bookshot came out that starred one of my favorite James Patterson characters: Alex Cross.  Cross Kill was an amazing story centering around the apparent reappearance of a long time foe.  It was amazing- dynamic and fast paced and brilliant…. and it ended on one hell of a cliff hanger.  It made me crazed for the next book in the series which came out Monday.  Unfortunately, shortly after jumping in to Cross the Line I realized that nothing would be cleared up.  This book predates the bookshot.  This most likely means I will wait another year to find out what happened.  Ugh…. and then there’s the fact that, no matter how amazing this book is, I can’t help but be a tad bit disappointed that it isn’t the book I thought it would be.   I will try hard not to let that interfere with giving this book a fair review when I finish it.

Sorry this one ended up being a bit long.  That’s it for me, what’s new with you?




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