Do you buy copies of books that you got advanced copies of?

pro_reader_120I am always grateful to Netgalley and First to Read for allowing me access to books for the price of a review.  There have been so many amazing books this year!  I have bought copies of books I read as gifts for friends and family members, but never myself.  Now, this may seem silly because I have already read it, and in many cases have the book still, but I want to give back to the authors that have thrilled me.

The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko, Scott Stambach is one of the books that come to mind.  I am considering buying myself a hard copy of this book; but it is a lot of money.  In most cases nothing really changes between the review copy and the copy that goes to print save a few typos; thus the cheap part of me doesn’t want to spend half my book money on one book when there are so many I haven’t read yet.  I could buy a used copy off the internet, but the author/publisher doesn’t see anything from that.  For now, I am waiting to see if this one and several others I love are coming to paperback.

How do you handle this, though?  Do you buy all the read-for-review books you liked?  Just the top, say, ten of the year?  How do you decide?


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