Is Everyone else ill-prepared for the holidays?

santa-sassyThere’s my Sassy Britches in full on Grinch mode.  I have to tell you, I am usually on the whole Christmas shopping thing because I have a limited budget…. this year, though, I am so not feeling it.  I am ending my mini vacation (four days off in a row!) sick as a dog and just exhausted.  I am trying to pull myself together, because as a “happy helper” at my store I will be expected to be bright, cheerful, goofy and lively.  It’s what the kids need.  We direct the customers to lines, make the kids laugh (give them candy), and grab anything anyone forgot.  I was running laps around the store the other day!  Plus, it’s just a better day for me when I am in top form.  To this end, I have been listening to Christmas music to make myself feel more elf-like.  Here are my top three to-go cd’s.

  1. Adrea Bocelli, My Christmas.  I love his voice!  His rendition of Ave Maria slays me.  There is on odd track with Muppets, but I forgive him.
  2. Celtic Woman, A Christmas Celebration.  Carol of the bells is gorgeous.  The whole cd is, really, and I find this one still has a “traditional feel”.
  3. Jordan Smith, ‘Tis the Season.  Did anyone watch this guy on The Voice a while back?  I adored him!  His voice is amazing and it’s obvious that he really cared about each song in this CD.  His rendition of You’re A Mean One, Mister Grinch is the best I have ever heard (though not many play with it).  It’s a little sassy, a little jazzy, and the vocals are perfection.

The links will take you to Amazon where you can buy any of these.  I seriously love them all!

And, of course the movies that get me going on the holidays.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I love this movie, the art and the soundtrack are amazing!  It never fails to enthrall me.
  2. Rise of the Guardians.  It’s more of a winter movie for me, but I adore it.  Who can stay in a foul mood watching Hugh Jackman play the Easter Bunny?

Now, if anyone needs help figuring out some gifts that are sure to please, I have ideas.

  • For the makeup fan (or young one getting started in makeup)  I love E.L.F.  brand.  They actually have the best primer I have ever found for my skin- and it’s $6.  The brushes are pretty good, and reasonable.  Check them out
  • For the tea fan: teavana is amazing and really high end, but most of it is loose.  Harney and Sons has tins with tea filled sachets.  The quality is fantastic.

Or there are some great DIY ideas that people love.

  • Body Scrub- just get some good, water tight containers, sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils if you want them.  You can find a million recipes, especially on pinterest, but this one is my favorite.

Green tea sugar scrub

1 cup unrefined coconut oil

1 and 1/4 cup sugar (brown or white)

one table spoon green tea (loose, I use matcha but any will do)

open up two tea green tea bags and add them as well.

Mix it all together and put in containers.  Easy, and it smells great!  I recommend using very little essential oils here- maybe bergamot or mint.

  • moisturizing oil:

Now most people use argon oil in theirs, and it’s fantastic but it can get spendy.  I go to Walmart and buy the argan oil blend for $7.  and then I will usually split it between four of the travel spray bottles, filling the rest with vitamin E, almond oil and grapeseed oil.  I love adding peppermint here because I like the scent- it does dissipate quickly.  For my brother, who has issues with psoriasis, I put a few drops tea tree oil and peppermint.  For my sister I use bergamot.  For my mother I have a jasmine scent- this one does not dissipate and a little goes a long way, so be warned.  This is what I usually do when I have a lot of people on my list because it is nice and relatively inexpensive to make.  Besides, two spritzes usually covers my whole arm and it goes into the skin quickly.  It lasts a long time.

What are you guys thinking of doing for holiday treats?



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