Hollow City, Ransom Riggs

hollow-cityspolier alertTitle: Hollow City

Author: Ransom Riggs

Pages: 428

Genre:  YA, fantasy

Part of a series?  Yes, book two of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children

Published:  February 24th, 2015


So we left our plucky band of peculiars in the middle of the ocean.  They have to protect Miss Peregrine and get her help, which means finding another ymbryne to help her.  As they move along, they learn hidden secrets to their favorite bedtime book, Tales of the Peculiar, and meet new friends and enemies.  Each character grows in strides, and Jacob discovers hidden talents.  The pictures are still here, and bring the story to life.  I liked this one, but preferred the first one.  It just held a lot more magic for me.  This one seemed to be more about moving the story along.  I still really loved it, and would give it Four Stars.  There just wasn’t much to review.  Character development sharpened and you learned more about their way of life and the loops.  I enjoyed that.  It’s just hard to give a good summary without giving everything away.

On the adult content scale, violence and some language…. I give it a three.  It was all very minor.  General.svg

The book is out!  Go get it!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle




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