November Wrap Up

Hey guys!  November went really fast for me!  I had some quality time with my o’hana, and got a lot of reading done.    Here’s my recap of the month’s books:

1.       Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs  I had been on the fence with this one forever.  So often if there’s a lot of hype about a book, it falls flat for me.  This one, though, was amazing.  It was nothing like I thought it would be.  Five Stars

2.       Kids of Appetite, David Arnold.  Vic and Mad have a story to tell, and everything hinges of them getting it right.  The story revolves around a group of “unwanted” children that banded together to create a family.   Five stars, plus one for creativity.

3.       Killer Chef, James Patterson and Jeffrey J. Keys.  Caleb Rooney is one of the hardest working men in New Orleans.    He and his ex wife own a food truck, plus he is a detective.  When couples start dropping in prominent restaurants due to poisoning, it’s up to Rooney to figure it out. 

4.       Love, Alice, Barbara Davis.  This was my Netgalley pic.  Dovie Larkin has been having trouble getting over her fiancé’s suicide.  Every day she has lunch at the cemetery with him.  One day, she sees an old woman place a note on a headstone.  She becomes obsessed with the woman, Alice, and her mother Dora.  Five stars

5.       The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland, Rebekah Crane.  This was my Kindle First pic.  Zoe and her parents have a differing opinion on her mental health.  She thinks she’s fine.  They decide she needs to go to a camp for at risk teens.  Dealing with a manic-depressant bi-polar anorexic, a cutter, a bulimic, and a pathological liar is a lot.  And then you have Grover Cleveland, who isn’t crazy yet but is sure he will become schizophrenic because his father is.  As she gets to know each person, she finds that maybe she needs help too; and maybe camp is just the place for her to heal.  Five stars

6.       Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, The Original Screenplay(and movie), J.K. Rowling.  Newt Scamander has come to New York on a mission.  Through a few large mistakes his case of magical beasts gets opened and many of them escape.  This screen play is our first look at the wizarding community of America.  It predates Harry Potter and gives us a great look at the magical world.  Five Stars!

7.       Turbo Twenty-three, Janet Evanovich.  Stephanie Plum is back and just as inept as ever.  It is a hilarious ride as we chase down a man that likes to steal semis, a pooping mime, a man with too many snakes, and a killer that likes to turn his victim into a giant ice cream treat.  While all this is happening she has to keep Lula from going too far with her search for reality tv stardom, and keep tabs on Grandma and her new biker boyfriend.  Four stars.

8.       I See You, Clare Mackintosh.  This was a First to Read pic.  Every morning Zoe Walker takes the same commute to and from work, never realizes that someone might be watching her.  In the classified ads there’s a picture of her under  She never signed up for this or agreed to it!  Her family doesn’t believe her that it’s her, though.  When others that have had their pics there start becoming victims of violent crime, it’s a race against the clock to figure out what’s going on and get it stopped.  Four stars

9.       I See You, Clare Mackintosh.  *Predates the bookshot*.  The COD is gunned down and an ex cop looks good for it.  Before Cross can get anywhere here he is pulled to a multiple death crime scene.  As the deaths start piling up, it’s obvious that they are working with a team that believes in their cause- and are killing for it.  How do you stop someone that thinks they have justice on their side?  Five Stars

10.   Come On Up to the House, Dane Cobain.  I was given an advanced copy of this book for the price of an honest review.  I really liked it.  It wasn’t my typical read, but it was interesting and creepy.  I consider this a novella with accompanying screen play.  The Jersey family moves in to a new house to find that the previous owners left in a huge hurry.  There’s talk of the house being haunted.  Darren, their teen son, begins to learn about the last inhabitant of his room- a boy named James that killed himself.  James never left, though.  He haunts the place, infecting the occupants.  After a series of terrible events, Alice Jersey decides it’s time to leave.  Will they get out in time, though?  Four stars

11.   Hollow City, Ransom Riggs.  Book two of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar children.  I loved this one, but it’s hard to summarize without giving everything away.  The kids are on a journey to find the last ymbryne that can help Miss Peregrine.  There is a lot of character development along the way- I love Jacob more and I really dislike Enoch.  We get further insight into the world of the Peculiar, which I like, and meet new friends.  All in all a great book- four stars.

What did you read?  What were your favorite bookish moments of the month?


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