What’s New Wednesday? Week 30!

Hey Guys, and happy National Mousse Day!  I tell ya, I have been having fun with the “every day’s a holiday” thing, but I’ve got nothing here…  so let’s get started.  Also, this week I am writing a bit early because I am really excited to share.

What’s new with me?

I got to spend Thanksgiving with the O’hana, which was great.  Mom made way too much food, so there were left over casseroles, turkey sandwiches and jook for days.  Warren and I did go over the black Friday sales after the craziness died down and picked up some dvds and a drone.  He loves his new drone.  Then there was Cyber Monday.  Bless the internet for not making me go through crowded stores!  I went through Amazon’s kindle book sales and here is what $10 got me:

What’s new in news?

Okay, this happened November 2nd…. but still.  A Florida farmer’s market was burgled by a man wearing a tutu and his hoodied accomplice.  They ate a watermelon, pineapple, and apples (this was at night while the market was closed).  They broke into a shop at the market and threw stuff around.  Basically I just liked the vid of the guy in a tutu.  Takes all kinds, right?  See video here.

What’s new in books?

amazon-primeI have dreamed of this day!  Book nerds hear me:  Amazon has opened their prime book deals (not to be confused with kindle unlimited) to those of us that do not have a kindle.  I own a windows tablet and have the app there and on my phone.  I did not want to buy another device and have been waiting for this.  Like a petulant child, I have refused to buy a Prime Membership until I get the books.  My wait is over!  For $10.99 a month I get free 2 day shipping, video and music streaming, one free Kindle First book a month, and I can read other books.  Most of my new releases will not be here, but I am not even mad.  This will take the place of Google music, to whom I was paying $9.99 and only getting music.  Great music, mind you…. but seriously!  If you have been on the fence go for it!  Now’s our chance guys!  I haven’t played around here too much yet, but we will keep you posted.

And… that’s it for me, what’s new with you?



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