The Twilight Wife, A.J. Banner

the-twilight-wifespolier alertTitle: The Twilight Wife

Author: A.J. Banner

Pages:  304

Genre:  Mystery, suspense

Part of a series?  No.

Publish date:  December 27th, 2016

Thank you to Netgalley and Touchstone publishing for allowing me an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I loved it!

Kyra Winthrop is trying to piece her life back together.  After a diving accident she has very little memory of her life for the past four years.  She remembers her life as a marine biologist, but not her marriage- or their courtship.  Jacob has been trying to be patient, showing her pictures and feeding her stories, but something feels wrong.  Memories are coming back slowly, but they don’t coincide with what Jacob is saying.  She remembers someone else… was she unfaithful?  Who is this man she remembers?  As she digs deeper into the past, she finds that there are secrets- deep and dark.  This is a story about a man’s obsession, and a woman’s fight for the truth.

I loved this story.  Kyra was a great character, and I really felt for her.  I will admit her frustration was… well frustrating at times.  I wanted her to become stronger, faster.  That’s just me, though, and I feel like her struggle was necessary for the story.    I liked all the characters, really, even when I shouldn’t.  This was a fast paced read, with a creepy, mysterious feel.  I really didn’t have any issues with it.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there is language, violence, and sexual content.  It’s all fairly tame, though.  I would give it a five.  mature audience.

The book comes out 12-27-2016.  Go get it!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle



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