What’s New Wednesday? Week 32!

snow-monkeysHey guys!  Today is Wednesday, December 14th and Monkey day!  This is a day to celebrate all things primate be it watching a Curious George episode, going to the zoo, or acting like a monkey yourself (just be careful who you throw feces at).  I chose an adorable picture of snow monkeys for today.

That said, let’s get started.

What’s new with me?

Warren’s company had their End of Year Party last Friday. Usually there is a lovely catered meal, loud music (last year was live) alcohol and dancing.  (Mostly the females).  This year they did something different.  Instead of music, they hired an comedy group to do improv.  I had a blast, I think everyone enjoyed it more.

As for me, this week has made me do some thinking.  About this time of year I always begin to think about how I want the next year to go.  I begin my New Years promises- I don’t like the word resolutions.  Next year I want to go to the gym more.  I am going to try to slow down on buying books, or at least read more from my TBR pile instead of letting it get completely out of hand.  (Triple digits…. I am ashamed.  But there are always new books and since Warren had me go digital it is way too easy to buy books!)  I also want to go see Mom and Dad more often, not just Saturdays after work.  We live in the same town and I should really take more advantage of that!  I will cuddle my cat more (and maybe my husband lol).

What’s new in News?

While there isn’t a specific article about it, I have noticed more and more bullying- at schools and on the internet.  I don’t remember this from my childhood, but maybe I just look back with rose colored glasses.    Cyber bullying is huge.  Also, especially recently, many have been singled out for their religion, orientation or race.  Why?  We need to realize that in the end we are all the same, differences of opinion can be accepted and people valued.  Even TRUMP claimed displeasure- he said “stop it” (literally).  Let’s back up, and take a breathe.  Think about our actions as a community and how we want to be.

What’s new in books?

The beautiful beings at Netgalley allowed me access to a sneak peek at Wayfarer (book two of Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger series).  I just started it… but it looks awesome.  Without giving too much away, I will say that it begins in a characters POV that had not been really taken into account in the last book… but maybe should have been.  I am so stoked!  It comes out January 3rd, and I already have it preordered.

So, that’s it for me.  What’s new with you?



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