The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, Lindsey Lee Johnson

the-most-dangerous-place-on-earthspolier alertTitle: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Author: Lindsey Lee Johnson

Pages:  288

Genre: YA

Part of a series?  No.

Publish date:  January 10th, 2017

First, thank you to First to Read for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book for the price of a review.

Teens can be cruel, no one knows that better than Tristan.  An eighth grader, socially inept young man that just wants someone to understand him.  He reaches out to the girl he has a crush on- in a blindingly honest love letter that gets into the wrong hands.  What ensues is a terrible case of cyberbullying gone out of control.  When Tristan decides to end his life, so many lives are shaken.  Cally, the love interest that wanted so badly to be popular that she allowed the guy she liked to “take care of” her trouble with Tristan.    The wasted young man, perpetually drunk or high, constantly angry.  The dancer, the “b” student trying to please his family.  The beauty, forced to be alone with no friends because of others’ perception of her… and the new teacher, trying to connect with these kids without understanding what they had been through together.

The book started really well.  I imagined this being part social commentary on the problem of bullying in our society- and it is in part.  I feel, though, that this book can be placed in two parts- during Tristan and after Tristan.  The part I will label as During Tristan was very much a poignant social commentary.  After Tristan, I didn’t see a whole lot of character growth; which would have been needful to make this a more important piece.  Oh, the characters grew older, and there were character changes… but there was no real moral growth.  That upset me greatly. Cally grew some, but not nearly enough.

That said, this book was well written and really pulled me in.  I was invested in the train wreck that was each character’s life.  I also liked the writing style, and moving through the different POV’s.  It wasn’t everything I thought it was going to be, but I still loved it for what it was.  Does that make sense?  All in all, I give it four stars.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, I have to rank it pretty high.  There is a large amount of language, under age drinking, violence, bullying, sexual content.  You name it, it’s there somewhere.  I give it an eight.  Parental Guidance

The book comes out 1-10-2017, go get it!

Link to book:

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