What’s new Wednesday? Week 33!

winter-berriesHey guys! Today is December 21st, and the first day of Winter (also called Winter Solstice).

What’s new with me?

Well we got my brother-in-law Danny from college on the 18th, and saw him on a plane on the 20th.  He will be spending Christmas in St. Petersburg, going to museums and practicing his Russian (as he goes through summer classes he says this is the only time he can go.)  Danny is duel majoring in history (emphasis on Russian) and the Russian language.  I’m pretty proud of him, honestly… but then all the Garabrandt men are brilliant.  We ended up having our celebration with him on Sunday so that I could give him his gifts (long scarf, thermal gloves, and hat- hey, Russia is cold!).  He got us a bottle of mead called Viking’s Blood. Not heavy drinkers, the husband and I had still been intrigued by this drink for a number of years- we just never got it.  It is really good!

What’s new in news?

Heaven help me, I still don’t know how to process this.  In Guatemala it is customary to “burn the devil”- effigies made to look like demons- in order to ward off bad spirits.  Well… a new effigy has been added.  An untold number of Trump effigies were burned at the festival this year.  Part of me is saddened- first because it comes too close to wishing harm on another (or am I just reading too much into this?), and second because this is how other countries see the man that will be our president for the next FOUR YEARS.  Ack!  See video here.

What’s new in books?

So I don’t think I will finish December’s TBR.  I got a few books from Netgalley after the fact that come out before the ones from First to read.  Plus there’s my Kindle First book for this month.  Instead I will be reading:

  • Ready Set Rogue, by Manda Collins
  • Waiting For an Earl Like You, Alexandra Hawkins
  • Original Dream, Nukila Amal.

That’s it for me, what’s new with you?




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