Waiting For an Earl Like You, Alexandra Hawkins

waiting-for-an-earl-like-youspolier alertTitle:  Waiting for an Earl Like You

Author: Alexandra Hawkins

Pages:  352

Genre:  Historical romance

Part of a series?  Yes, book three of Masters of Seduction.

Publish Date: January 3rd, 2017

Many thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for allowing me an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Olivia Lyndall and Justin Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn have been neighbors forever but it was always Justin’s twin Gideon that was close to Olivia.  When Gideon comes back after years away, both men are faced with a very different, grown up Olivia.  When Olivia finds herself in romantic conflict, she turns to her friend Gideon for help- only it’s Thorn in his place.  Justin, “Thorn”, has tried to convince himself that he is saving his brother from Olivia… but really he just can’t stay away and, well, she is more comfortable with his twin.  The more time they spend together, though, the more he wants her to see him.  Can the two get through the confusion and pain of the trick he played and find happiness together?

I am a fan of these books.  There is an air of humor, but also a lot of very sweet emotions.  The characters are well developed and diverse, and there is enough information in this book to allow for it to be a stand alone- but you want to read the others.  There is a very rich background here, between families and friends, that builds on previous books.

I will admit, Thorn was a very hard sell for me.  For a smart man he seemed very arrogant and stupid, and there were several times I wanted to shake him for his handling of Olivia.  The romance did not always seem organic- the attraction did, yes, but he kept getting in his own way.  While I enjoyed this book, I have to admit I liked the others in the series more.  3.5 stars- let’s just round up to four.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, there is a lot of language and quite a bit of violence.  Also, the sexual content is a bit explicit.  I would say a seven.  adult content road sign

The book comes out 1-03-2017, let me know what you think!

Link to book:

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