What’s New Wednesday? Week 33!

Hey guys!  Today is December 28th and National Chocolate day (and here I thought that was February 14th)!  Raid those stockings (If you still have candy there) and celebrate!

What’s new with me?

We celebrated Christmas with the O’hana over the weekend.  It was great seeing everyone, especially my Aunt Janice that came from California.  My brother and sister were in town, so that was nice.  We got my mother Pioneer Woman measuring bowls and a ceramic measuring cup.  I got “library” book tabs for my actual paper books, Alton Brown’s Everyday Cook, a t shirt that says “I have lived a thousand lives: BOOKWORM”.  Grandma got a large thing of Tupperware during Dirty Santa, but as she is kind of a klepto with dementia my sister decided to steal that from her.  Grandma ended up with cookies (by the way, this is how I got Alton Brown’s cookbook).  The husband and I watched Storks Tuesday and that was a great amount of fun.  Oh, and I got Amazon money- should be good for like two months lol.

Otherwise I am prepping for my New Year’s reading plans.  I have made myself new notecards for books that have been on my TBR list for way too long.  Twenty titles are in the jar and I plan on reading them all in 2017.

What’s new in news?

In Australia, a man with a cam was on a bike ride when he was dive bombed by a magpie six times!  Apparently this feisty bird is a legend with the cyclists in Coonabarabran, New South Wales.  See video here.

What’s new with books? 

          alton-brown-every-day    Well, I don’t think I am going to finish my December TBR list because I got seriously side tracked.  What with Christmas to get ready for- both at home and work- I read less; but more than that I was offered two e-ARC’s that come due before my FTR reads.  Add to that, I just cannot get into my Kindle First pick for the month.  Instead I read two historical romances and am starting Forever Red by Margaret Stohl.    I am also grazing through Alton Brown’s Everyday Cook (does anyone ever read these cover to cover?  I look at pics, find recipes I want to do, and read the tips… am I the only one?).  I mean, if it is a good cookbook, one is never really “done” reading it.  It’s amazing, though and I can’t wait to make my own Thai Iced Tea.  There are so many yummy recipes!

           So that’s it for me.  What’s new with you?



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