Happy New Year! My bookish year in review and plans for 2016

Fireworks4_amkHey guys!  I am winding down for the night with a glass of plum wine ( I never did care for champagne) and wrapping up my book log.  I am pretty excited about the past year in books.  Since starting my blog in February I have discovered several new bookish sites- Netgalley where I can get books, and Litsy which is basically bookish Facebook.  I love those communities, and this one!

I exceeded my Goodreads goal of 150 books, reading 182 this year.  I ended up logging 1,117 hours and 30 minutes reading time (this is the first year I logged hours… I was just curious).  Quite frankly, I could no more choose a top ten books out of these than I could pick a favorite family member (obviously Mom).  Instead I am going to post a pick of my favorite bookish moments.

The sad thing is, I most likely left out some favorites.  It was just a really magical year as far as books were concerned.  That is probably a good thing, because it was a very upsetting year in news, and sometimes confusing.  There were a lot of deaths that hit the artistic world (lit, music, or acting) hard.  There were times where I was saddened, hurt, confused and even disgusted and needed a story to take me away.  I would say these books saved me… but in truth they probably just saved me from exploding on everyone else (most likely why the hubs keeps me in book money).

I am ashamed to say that while I did read some books on my TBR pile, I added more than I took away.  My pile is still in the triple digits.  I have a plan, but it will take time.  I will get there in a bit.

So that’s bookish me in 2016, how did you do?

Plans for 2017

Non-bookish, I plan on drinking more water, going to the gym more, and letting things go- I tend to be a worrier.  I am going to work on all three things which I believe will help me to become healthier (I will still be eating junk and drinking pop, we are adding, not subtracting… I will not say the word “diet”).  I am also going to make an attempt at organization.  I saw an idea for a bullet journal and I am cannibalizing it.  I am grabbing the pieces of the calendar and list aspects that I like for my day to day journal- there will also be a bookish moments journal where I can add quotes and rough ideas/ first impressions, and of course there will be my hours log- I loved that.

As far as my bookish goals, I made a container with the names of 20 TBR books that I want to read this year.  Should I run out I will add five more at a time.  Any time I want I will just grab a note card with a book to read on it.

On my blog I have some ideas for new posts- like reviews for cooking mags that I choose or favorite cookbooks.  They would have a blurb of the chef, layout of book, favorite recipe and what I enjoyed.  I don’t read through many, so this will be sparse.

I also want to scrap What’s New Wednesday for a weekly wrap up with the occasional news post should something come up.

I have to say, I am pretty excited about what 2017 will bring!  Happy New Year guys!  Be safe and happy!



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